6 ways to fit career enhancement into a busy schedule


The start of the semester is always busy. But the weeks before exams and presentations take over present an opportunity to do something many put off to the last minute: focus on career development. Whether you’re hunting for your first job or you’re 20 years into your career, here are some things anyone can do, right from the comfort of your own couch, to fit professional development into a busy schedule:

Update LinkedIn

Been neglecting LinkedIn? Now is the time to review and update your profile, as well as research possible employers and network with professionals in your industry.

Create a portfolio

Employers often request applicants for jobs provide portfolios of work completed pertaining to the field. Take a few hours to prepare a collection of your best work. If the work is digital, take it a step further by creating a personal website using Wix.com or WordPress.com.

Take a webinar

Use the time off to explore your field and learn something new. FIU offers a variety of online tutorials in business, technology and creative programs free to students and employees through Lynda.com; and a simple Google search will yield webinars available for every industry.

Practice interview questions

Though anticipating the questions an employer may ask during an interview is difficult, practicing a sample of common questions with a friend or family member in a mock-interview setting will help you consider your answers in advance, so you will be more comfortable in an actual interview. Click here for more tips to prepare for an successful interview.

Update your resume

Don’t wait until you’re trying to apply for a job to update your resume. Make sure your contact information and experience sections are current so you’re ready if a potential employer asks you to send over a copy. Visit FIU’s office of Career and Talent Development for resources on writing an effective resume.

Research your industry

Take the time to get to know your field better. Research top companies and professionals in the industry; read up on news pertaining to the field; and consider subscribing to a trade magazine or newsletter to stay up to date on latest trends.