VP of Engagement: ‘Transformation is major key in the rise of the #305’

This article first appeared in The New Tropic’s Your View, a recurring series of opinion pieces from members of The New Tropic community. 

By Saif Ishoof


The word may sound like the name of the new villain in the “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.0” film, but our story is about how bold innovators are disrupting Miami’s largest and most profitable industries.

Anyone questioning our ascendance need only check out the Snapchat of our greatest chronicler, the inimitable DJ Khaled.

But our biggest industries are facing a paradigm shift.

Some of Miami’s key economic drivers – our tourism, trade, and banking industries – are undergoing massive transformation. We can ride that wave, or let it sweep us away.

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 Saif Ishoof is the vice president of Engagement at FIU. Ishoof also serves as the founding chairman of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Disruption Workgroup.