My internship consulting for businesses, government agencies

Name: Michelle Rosario

Major: Political science and philosophy

Where are you interning? Washington Premier Consulting

What is your title? Client management and policy intern

How did you get your internship? I looked extensively online until I found my best fit.

What projects have you worked on? A lot! I’ve organized events with various organizations, including Mid-Tier Advocacy that I also represent along with the National Woman’s Party. I am currently assisting my firm establish its partnership with the General Services Administration to change the way procurement agencies draft and evaluate federal contracts.

How does your internship connect to your current coursework? I think my experiences at FIU, as a whole, have prepared me to excel in my internship. Specifically, my involvement in FIU’s Model United Nations program has given me the necessary social skills to network and articulate my ideas effectively in the workplace.

What is the coolest thing that has happened thus far in your internship? My entire internship has been amazing – I get to meet people from all kinds of government agencies! Definitely one of the coolest experiences, though, was working with one of our clients on how to increase their business exposure using my strategies during a two-hour executive meeting, and then seeing a 32 percent increase in business growth after one week of implementation. Needless to say, our clients are very happy!

What are you enjoying most about your experience? I definitely believe the level of responsibility and the transition from being treated as a student to being treated as a business partner has been the most enjoyable part. Additionally, seeing how I’m making a difference for the people I interact with has been amazingly gratifying.

What have you learned about yourself? I think this experience has allowed me to put all my skills to the test in the real world as opposed to just in college life. I’ve learned that I am super prepared for the next phase of my life after I graduate. The experience, as a whole, has made me more confident about my future in government and policy.

How has the position increased your professional confidence? I think my position has allowed me to personally connect with so many government officials in a way I would have never been able to otherwise. My professional connections will really make a difference when it comes to getting a job post-graduation.

How have you expanded your professional network? Part of my tasks include attending important board meetings and talks with congressional members. I’ve been fortunate to work for a firm that lets me voice my opinion on government matters. I’ve been able to meet lobbyists, members of congress, non-profit executives and important members of various U.S. Departments, including the General Services Administration and the Department of Defense.

What advice do you have for those beginning the internship process? Try to go for smaller firms. There are more opportunities for growth and for the content you produce as an intern to actually matter and be implemented. Always try to do your best and don’t be afraid to propose new ideas or be outspoken among high-level officials. Your opportunity to impress them may be limited to just that one interaction, so make sure you hit it out of the park!

FIU in D.C. is working with more than 50 students interning in the nation’s capital this summer. The office has planned several networking programs and continues to serve as a resource for the students as they gain real-world experience in the city. To learn more about the opportunities available with FIU in D.C., visit the office’s website.