Stay on track to graduate with MyMajor map

Did you know there’s a resource available online that helps you stay on track to graduate in four years?

FIU offers MyMajor maps for each program of study. The maps tell you what classes you need to take and when; how many credits you need in each subject area; what grade you need to earn to progress; and how to take University Core Curriculum courses that fit the prerequisite requirements for your major. As a transfer student, the MyMajor map serves as a blank guideline to see where the credits you’ve already earned fit into the prerequisite requirements for a major you may want to pursue.

Find your MyMajor map by visiting, where you can search your degree by area of interest or by the college/school from which it’s offered. Once you’ve located your major, you can choose between MyMajor maps for 2-year transfer students or 4-year freshman.

“As a peer advisor, I’ve seen it be very helpful to many incoming students, and I was able to apply it in my own goals as a student. It was beneficial for me to plan out everything I wanted to do,” said junior political science major Marcus Frias. “Sometimes college can get complicated, but the map keeps everything nice and organized for you to know what your next step is. That’s why I love sharing my knowledge of it with my students.”

For example, take a look below at two semesters on the MyMajor map for a 4-year business management freshman. MyMajor map shows you semester-by-semester how your entire college career should go, in an ideal situation. The first section below details the course track for freshman just entering FIU who intend to pursue business management.

Scroll over the popups on the image below to reveal tips on understanding MyMajor map

Now take a look at the map segment for junior business management majors. Keep in mind that if you follow your MyMajor map each semester, you should have finished the University Core Curriculum by junior year and progressed to primarily taking major-specific classes.

“The map really outlines all the courses a student needs to take. It feeds into timely graduation,” said Arlene Garcia, assistant director of Analysis and Information Management, who oversaw development of the maps.

Remember that using the map will help you avoid taking excess credits. Students in the Florida State University System are charged double per credit for every credit taken past 132. Read more about the statute here.

Scroll over the popups on the image below to reveal tips on understanding MyMajor map

Be sure to meet with your academic advisor each semester to plan your schedule accordingly and make sure you’re meeting all the requirements for graduation. Your advisor can also help you start to explore post-graduation life, providing information on graduate school, internships and job opportunities in your field.

This article is part of our Secrets to Success series.