Campus Voices: Preparation and sacrifice

By Jerreme Wade

So much has happened over the last few weeks that it feels like the universe is trying to tell me something. Get organized! As college students, we have so many dreams, aspirations and goals that linger in the atmosphere. We’re just trying to figure things out! It starts in the classroom. Currently, we’re entering the midterm point in the semester. Libraries are packed with students’ eager to earn that “A” in their class. However, there are students that get caught up in the fun and forget about their priorities. Are you one of those students?

Jerreme Wade

It’s up to you to continue to prepare and organize mentally and physically. I had the opportunity to prepare and present research in New York recently. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan accordingly. I missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime because I wasn’t prepared. For future reference, my preparations will only propel the sacrifices I take to ensure the best outcome possible. The career you want starts with the grades in your courses. Yes, you could network and start your own brand or business that could get you quick bucks. However, a degree guarantees stability as a backup plan. You don’t want to sacrifice without preparation. Your dreams will only come true when you take steps toward it. There are no over-night success stories, realistically. There is blood, sweat and tears that go into the sacrifices made to make that one vision clear.

A vision is just sight. The vision propels the actions that require plans. The plans propel the organization that takes time. The time builds momentum. The momentum starts from within. You’ll get tired of other people telling you what they think or what they feel would be better when they won’t even take the time to consider your ideas. At the root of your foundation, is the sacrifice taken to believe in what you’ve invested in. That investment is your education. That’s what your plans or dreams are. They’re ideas. How can you turn those ideas into a vision people believe in? You have to invest the time. Most of the time, people act without thinking. That’s called a waste of time. They’re afraid to wait because they believe time is passing them by. If you’re a visionary, build a plan while using your education to invest in your vision. Study what will make your vision reality. Find a way to relate your assignments to your passions. Only then will you see the true worth of an education. It’s priceless.

Lack of organization and preparation will kill your dream before it starts. The vision is all in your mind, and you’re excited to see it through. You have the vision of how people will react to the genius that awaits within you. Your vision is like a beast waiting to be free! You’re trying to figure out how to let it free so you can walk in your destiny. The fact is that you won’t see that reality until you are prepared to sacrifice. Success requires more than effort and time. It requires the will and strength of someone who is confident and humble and courageous yet afraid. Afraid to fail so their effort never sleeps because of the determination they have to obtain any aspiration. Progress is all in the planning and sacrifices that you are willing to take to propel your dream forward.

Study Hard and Strive Forever!

Jerreme Wade is a senior majoring in English with a concentration in Writing and Rhetoric. He plans to pursue a graduate degree in Writing, Rhetoric, and Media next year while playing soccer in the Adaptive Soccer Program at Clemson University. In his spare time, Jerreme enjoys writing, reading, and fitness.

Jerreme is a member of the U.S National Paralympic Soccer Team. The U.S Paralympic Soccer Team is an elite-level program that selects players from across the United States in preparation for international standard competition. The National Team, in addition to friendly matches and invitational tournaments competes in events like: World Championships, Copa America, and the International Cup. Jerreme has competed in Ireland, Ukraine, and Manchester, England. He had the opportunity to represent the U.S as a member of the U.S National Paralympic Team that competed in the 2012 Paralympic Games in London, England.