Campus Voices: Perseverance and courage

Jerreme Wade

The significance of a certain class, test or homework assignment always crosses my mind during the semester. The idea of writing five to 10 pages while studying for a few exams seems ridiculous to me. However, I continue to think about the big picture so that I can improve my focus right now. My mindset is to persevere no matter the adversity because knowledge feeds my passion.

By this I mean that I’m not just looking to persevere to obtain the “final grade.” The knowledge of the subject I despise (now) will feed my ability to grow within my passion. Have you heard the phrase, “You’re only as strong as the weakest link”? It’s true. How can you build a stable career outside of the classroom without knowledge? Experience only takes you so far until you stop at the crossroads where average and legendary meet. Which one are you? Musical artist and entrepreneur Jay Z says that there is a legendary attribute inside of everyone. It starts with the knowledge to propel your experience to another level.

At a young age, I was exposed to business people who taught me to invest in a plan and build a vision. Now, when I look to overcome adversity to persevere intellectually, I think about my network. How will this bit of knowledge increase my net worth while impacting the lives of others around me?

Personally, the courage to persevere took time. The pursuit of a college degree frightened me because of what I thought would limit me inside the classroom. The ability to overcome your fears in the face of adversity is courageous. Never did I think that I would have the opportunity that awaits me given my circumstances. I wanted to challenge myself after playing in a few international soccer tournaments. I decided to walk-on at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia. The strenuous grind of practices and classes caused me to suffer several injuries that altered my potential for the moment. I had to put all my effort into my academics. My pursuit to play collegiate sports would have to wait.

Courage gave me a chance to fight for the knowledge that is powerful in every way. Now, a full scholarship to graduate school hinges on my ability to perform academically. I thought my athletic performance would propel my potential during my whole life. Your mind is the control center of your body so why not feed it with knowledge. Don’t starve yourself of knowledge because you’re afraid to take a chance. You never know what awaits you! t’s funny how things work out! Courage was the answer when I couldn’t find the solution. The journey toward a degree is tough but fun. Focus on the triumph within the semester but admire the adversity. Adversity builds character while accomplishments linger. If I gave you a hundred dollars, would you like the opportunity to make a thousand dollars?

Allow the “degree or dream job/aspiration” to fuel your endurance. We only have a month left!

Take advantage of my time in classrooms or the CEW (Center for Excellence in Writing) because I know it will allow me to grow. I see the benefits of my perseverance and courage every day!  My interactions with or around young CEO’s (millennials) in conjunction with friends that are studying to obtain their degree is inspiring. These interactions make life worth the adventure. Intellectual perseverance and courage starts with the maximum effort you give on that assignment from the first to last hour.

Jerreme Wade is a senior English major earning a concentration in Writing and Rhetoric. He is a member of the U.S National Paralympic Soccer Team and competed in the 2012 Paralympic Games in London. He plans to pursue a graduate degree next year while playing in the Adaptive Soccer Program at Clemson University.