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A video about making videos

A video about making videos

July 20, 2017 at 12:00am

29514356108_421c2996d5_o-533x800.jpg“My first encounter with a camera was way back in the 7th grade in my first television production class. Now approaching my second year in college, my passion for video production has only grown, and I staunchly aspire to never lose touch with my inner video nerd. Today, I am beyond grateful I’ve gotten the opportunity to put my passion to work and continue learning in a professional setting alongside an amazing group of people, whom I feature in my very “Apple- esque” behind the scenes video. Apple’s genius ‘Don’t Blink’ commercial left me with a burning desire to recreate it. I used it as a model to show what goes on behind the scenes all the videos the FIU team turns out. Making the video challenged my editing skills and was truly fun to shoot. I’m proud of the final!”

Katherine De Jesus
Video Intern
Divison of External Relations



Editor’s note: Katherine de Jesus is currently a sophomore marketing major at FIU with emphases on marketing and social media analytics and digital media studies.

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