One month since bridge accident

President Mark B. Rosenberg sent the following message to the university community on Sunday, April 15, 2018.

The last month has been very difficult for our community and the entire FIU family, especially the friends and families of the victims of the bridge collapse.

This tragedy has shaken us. That is why our sadness persists and our hearts still ache. Over these past few weeks, I’ve drawn tremendous strength from the spirit of our FIU family. We have gathered to become a beacon of light for one another and for this community. Whether you participated in one of many moments of silence, donated blood or attended the Student Government Association vigil and memorial walk for the victims and their families – your presence reconfirmed that this is a resilient and caring community that comes together during the most difficult of times. We are truly strong because of you. So again, thank you for standing together, mourning together and showing the victims’ families support. Please note that items from the memorial on the corner of Southwest 8th Street and 107th Ave. have been transferred to the university library for archiving.

We all have many questions about what happened and a sense of urgency about getting to the bottom of the incident. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is conducting a thorough investigation and recently invited FIU to participate as a party to the investigation. As a result, FIU is not allowed to provide documents or comment publicly until the investigation has concluded without the approval of the NTSB. As permitted by the NTSB, we will provide updates when additional information becomes available. We appreciate your patience and continued support. For more information and to view the frequently asked questions about the bridge accident, please click here.

These have been truly difficult times. As we continue to heal, I ask you to please to keep the victims’ families and all those affected in your thoughts and prayers.