President Rosenberg’s Academic Year 2017-18: A Remembrance

On Friday, April 27, President Mark B. Rosenberg shared the following message with the FIU community. 

As we reflect upon this year, it is clear that each of us faced challenges that tested our resilience, courage, commitment and ability to help one another – near and far – in ways we never imagined. A devastating series of hurricanes closed us down and caused severe damage to our neighbors – especially in the Caribbean. Parkland will forever be remembered for the tragic loss of life that touched so many of our students and neighbors, and for the courage of its students and teachers. The 8th street bridge accident stunned our community taking six lives, including one of our own students, Alexa Duran.

Times like these remind us of the fragility of life and the responsibility to do good things in an unpredictable world. We are also reminded of the power of ideas and a profound belief in the opportunities FIU provides to our community.

I am deeply grateful for the exceptional work of our FIU community: dedicated hard-working faculty who are pioneering changes to help us keep up with the fast moving times; passionate and committed professional staff who are finding new ways to move us forward; family members who go the distance time and again; donors who support our students, research, service partnerships in the community and our mission;  and some of the most determined, ingenious students anywhere who are charting new pathways to success in their careers and as citizens of the world.

Tomorrow, we begin an exciting chapter in the FIU journey for nearly 4,500 students who will graduate in 11 ceremonies. We can and will draw strength from the deep joy coming from the Ocean Bank Convocation Center during the next few days. We will also recognize the “Worlds Ahead” accomplishments of dozens of students who have overcome unique challenges to achieve success. We will be inspired by the thousands of students who also persevered to achieve a milestone in their lives. Their strength is our strength. Their resilience, courage, and most importantly, hope propel us forward. Please watch our commencement ceremonies via our live webcast at

Thank you for being a part of this life-changing journey. I appreciate all that you have done to remain optimistic and strong during the past year. FIU draws strength and inspiration from your confidence and support. Each of you have a destiny to fulfill. The best is still very much ahead of us.

Bring on the new academic year!

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