Got my first job! Working at NBCUniversal

In this series, recent grads share their journey to landing that first job out of college. After years of studying and working toward a degree, these Panthers’ hard work paid off. Now they’re paying it forward by letting you know how they did it.

Name: Linda Flores

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Degree/major: Broadcast media major (TV production track); Team Management Certificate

Where are you working? NBCUniversal in New York City

Title? NBCUniversal Page 

How did you get your job?
I did several production internships, including one at FIU’s Division of External Relations and one at Telemundo. Upon graduating from FIU, I was hired as a production assistant for Telemundo Deportes during the FIFA (soccer) Confederations cup. I later applied online for the NBCUniversal Page Program and went through the competitive interview process during the summer of 2017.

What does a day on the job look like?
The first three months of the page program are referred to as the ‘ambassadorship.’ I gave public tours of NBC Studios and worked audience services for the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers and Megyn Kelly TODAY. Every three months, pages rotate to a different department throughout the company, so I got hands-on experience in many areas of the industry. Currently, I am working on the Megyn Kelly TODAY show as an audience key. I am responsible for helping coordinate the daily check-in and studio load process for the show’s audience of more than 200 people per day. I also oversee a team of pages working on the show and assist the audience producers with the show’s ticketing process. Next month, I will move on to my next page “assignment” where I will work in the corporate communications production department. I’ll create internal high-end promotional, marketing and special event videos, ranging from short-form sizzles to long-form, in-depth pieces.

What’s been the coolest thing about your job so far?
Being an NBCUniversal Page has been a dream of mine since high school; so I still get butterflies walking into the 30 Rockefeller building for work every day. I love getting to learn about different areas of the media industry. Although it’s an added bonus to see celebrities in the hallways, the coolest part about my job is getting to be an ambassador for NBCUniversal. NBC Pages have been the most recognizable employees across NBCUniversal since 1933 thanks to our uniforms, so I feel very proud wearing my uniform around 30 Rock.

What surprised you the most about your first job?
I used to get very nervous about public speaking. Now public speaking is part of my job—and I love it! I never did theater in school, so I was surprised to learn that I enjoy entertaining and speaking to large crowds.

What was your greatest fear going into your first job, and how did you face it or overcome it?
On a daily basis, I interact with a studio audience of more than 200 people, so getting over my fear of public speaking was integral to my success as an NBC Page. Since being a page was my dream job, I wasn’t going to let my fear of public speaking get in the way of it, so I overcame it by volunteering myself to speak in front of people at every opportunity I could find in school.

What advice do you have for those beginning the job search process?
If you have a dream job, don’t let one rejection letter keep you from going after what you want. For me, a rejection letter from a job or internship simply meant that I needed to keep my head up and keep trying. Always have a contagious enthusiasm about your career and share that passion with everyone you meet!

How does your job connect back to your coursework?
Thanks to my FIU coursework, I came into the NBC Page Program with previous knowledge about the media business and video production. The FIU School of Communication + Journalism, as well as FIU’s Division of External Relations, taught me how to produce, film and edit my own content. I am so thankful to all my FIU professors and internship supervisors that helped me get to where I am today.

Update: As part of her last “assignment” in the NBCUniversal Page Program, Flores was selected to go work at Universal Studios Orlando in their Public Relations Department for the next three months.