#FutureIsUs: Initiative highlights FIU’s contributions to the community

As part of the 2025 strategic plan, the Florida Board of Governors and State University System have made community engagement one of their primary areas of focus.  Emphasizing the role and responsibility that Florida’s public universities have as anchor institutions in their communities, they are challenging universities to work collaboratively with other organizations and deliver “knowledge to advance the health, welfare, cultural enrichment and economy through community and business engagement and service.”

In support of this strategic emphasis, FIU’s Office of Engagement launched the #FutureIsUs campaign Sept. 24. Based on FIU’s acronym, #FutureIsUs seeks to bring visibility to, recognize and create a universitywide culture of being community engaged.  A collective effort between FIU students, faculty, staff and administration, the hashtag campaign highlights the work FIU is doing in our community and how we are collaborating to address issues that are affecting our globe.

In addition, the campaign will support the Office of Engagement’s efforts to collect key data and examples of community engagement to submit as part of FIU ‘s application for the reclassification of the Carnegie Engaged University designation.

Since 2011, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has recognized FIU for its commitment to collaboration with its community. The Office of Engagement is responsible for documenting the work the university does to demonstrate FIU’s dedication to the South Florida community and beyond. FIU is up for the reclassification evaluation in Spring 2019.

“We know that FIU is a force for good in our community,” said Saif Y. Ishoof, vice president for Engagement. “This initiative will build a sense of unity and pride for the work and impact we have and is pivotal in helping us achieve the Carnegie designation. Many members of the FIU family regularly engage and do work in the community on behalf of the university. We want to recognize them and their efforts.”

Members of the FIU family, including alumni, partners, students, administration, faculty and staff can support the campaign by using #FutureIsUs on any posts that reflect FIU’s commitment to the community.  The posts can be made on any official division social media or personal page. The Office of Engagement will collect the top posts shared with the hashtag and use them as part of a larger marketing campaign. The Office of Engagement is also profiling students, alumni, faculty and staff who embody the spirit of community engagement. To be featured, or have someone featured, please visit: go.fiu.edu/futureisus.

“Founded on the principle that a university can enrich its community, we believe that when the community grows, we all grow,” said Mark B. Rosenberg, president of FIU. “At the center of that is our faculty, our staff and our students who build connections; they nurture partnerships; they find solutions. They change lives. FIU is a university that is committed to impact.”