A community of respect, inclusion and civility

President Rosenberg sent to the following message to the university community on Monday, October 29. 

The events of the past few days, including the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, sadden us and demand that we recommit to the principles of respect, inclusion and civility. Hate, when it rears its ugly head overtly or covertly, must be rejected by people of good will.

Our university community is made up of people of good will. Unfortunately, on occasion we have had our own instances of disrespectful behavior. Now, more than ever, we must understand that while speech is protected in our great nation, it does not mean that hate should be spread through words and deeds. We have once again seen how some individuals can act upon hateful ideas and beliefs with tragic consequences.

As Panthers, we have a shared set of values at FIU that reflect positively on who we are as individuals and as an institution. These values are:

  • Truth—in the pursuit, generation, dissemination and application of knowledge
  • Freedom—of thought and expression
  • Respect—for diversity and the dignity of the individual
  • Responsibility—as stewards of the environment and citizens of the world
  • Excellence—in intellectual, personal, and operational endeavors

Each of us is responsible for upholding these values and creating a healthy, safe and respectful environment.

When Rosalie and I lived in Pittsburgh during my graduate education, our home was blocks from the very neighborhood that was attacked by a gunman on Saturday, leaving 11 dead and six injured. Our hearts go out to the families, friends and communities who are once again dealing with a senseless tragedy. We pray this is the last time our nation has to endure such hate-driven violence.