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President discusses expanded opportunities for Biscayne Bay Campus

President discusses expanded opportunities for Biscayne Bay Campus

February 16, 2018 at 12:00am


President Mark B. Rosenberg with SGA-BBC students at the BBC town hall

President Mark B. Rosenberg might soon be seen wearing a shirt that says,  “BBC is the place to be.” 

At a recent town hall held at the Biscayne Bay Campus, he discussed efforts to bolster the university’s North Miami location.

From highlighting BBC student success stories like recent Worlds Ahead Graduate  Jefferson Noël to discussing  the new Internet of Things degree, the President celebrated FIU’s recent successes and explained how the university is focused on staying ahead of change to ensure students are successful and prepared to go on to good jobs.

He also emphasized the importance of the Florida Board of Governor’s metrics and how funding is linked to how well we do at fostering timely graduation.

“The bottom line is: We don’t get funding unless a student graduates, and we don’t get funding unless that student graduates timely,” said President Rosenberg. “A significant amount of funding rides on our ability to keep getting better and better – and I’d like that each and every one of you – student, member of the professional staff or faculty – will figure out what your responsibility is and take that responsibility to get there.”


The president also focused on the expanded opportunities and new degree programs at BBC.

  • Last year, the new and improved BBC University Testing Center was unveiled and includes new test stations and computers, enhanced security systems, white-noise machines as well as provides testing for hundreds of industry certifications.
  • Aspiring food or beverage entrepreneurs at BBC have access to an amazing resource right on campus:  StartUP FIU FOOD. It launched last April, in partnership with the Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, with funding by the Citi Foundation.
  • The Health Services Administration Program is currently transitioning to BBC. After the summer semester, all HSA courses will only be offered at BBC.
  • The Kinesiology program – formerly known as our Bachelor of Science in Physical Education – is coming to BBC and should be fully moved by the fall semester.


BBC will soon have a new sculpture on campus.


Rendering of “Ariel” by artist Alexander Liberman at BBC

President Rosenberg announced that Michael B. Smith donated the sculpture “Ariel” by artist Alexander Liberman to BBC. “Argosy,” a similar Liberman piece, is located at MMC and greets visitors on the entrance off 107th Ave.

“The university is also a place to celebrating the life of the mind,” said President Rosenberg. “And the life of the mind is not just about the classroom experience, but cultivating aesthetics and a sense of appreciation for the environment and art.”

For twenty-four hours, 800 members of the FIU community took to Instagram and voted for their favorite location for the piece. Location option number two, which would place Ariel near the Royal Caribbean building, won the Instagram contest.


A the event, students, faculty and staff also had the opportunity to voice their concerns and questions to FIU administrators. Over the years, significant changes have emerged as a result of discussions started at town hall meetings. Students asked about new dining options, the possibility of extended hours at the library and transportation.

Administrators shared that there is currently a solicitation process for a new dining services contract, which includes focus groups with students, and invited students to submit their top choices of food vendors. Extended hours at the Hubert Library during finals is also being considered.


At the end of the town hall, SGA-BBC gave President Rosenberg a very special present: A t-shirt and pin that say, “BBC is the place to be.”

President Rosenberg didn’t hesitate. He immediately put the pin on.

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