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CasaCuba partners with Books & Books to promote modern Cuban literature through book club

CasaCuba partners with Books & Books to promote modern Cuban literature through book club

January 18, 2019 at 4:00pm



CasaCuba has partnered with Books & Books on a contemporary Cuban literature book club aimed at celebrating the new generation of renowned Cuban writers.

“CasaCuba´s inaugural partnership with Books & Books as we launch Círculo de Literatura Cubana Contemporánea is very special because it creates a devoted space to disseminate the excellence and tradition of modern Cuban literature in our local community,” said CasaCuba’s Executive Director María Carla Chicuén. “Perhaps more importantly, we hope that this exciting initiative nurtures lasting bonds among the participants, in an environment distinguished by intellectual reflection, friendly conversation and appreciation for Cuban arts.”

Through the Círculo de Literatura Cubana Contemporánea, part of the CasaCuba at Books & Books initiative, readers will be invited to meet on the last Tuesday of every month to discuss books by writers who represent the contemporary Cuban literary tradition. The club’s inaugural book list will be unveiled during a celebratory event at Books & Books in Coral Gables that will formally launch the initiative on Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019. At the event, there will be special presentations including a reading by author and FIU alumnus Richard Blanco and an opportunity for participants to interact with other authors.

“This project is very close to my heart and I’m thrilled that CasaCuba is collaborating with us to launch a reading circle that will showcase the literature of my country of origin,” said Cristina Nosti, director of events and marking at Books & Books. “As a Cuban-American, I have often found myself searching for a group such as this one where I can read the work of contemporary Cuban writers alongside others, and with the guidance of a moderator who can illumine the work and spark a truly great conversation.”

In the past few months, CasaCuba and Books & Books have sought the advice of experts on Cuban literature, including academics, writers and publishers, which include Director of the FIU Cuban Research Institute Jorge Duany, author and FIU alumna Ana Menendez, editor Fabio Murrieta and professors Eliana Rivero and Iraida López. Together, they curated a list of books, which will be expanded in the months and years to come following recommendations from experts and the general audience. At each book club meeting, a reader will be invited to lead an informal discussion on the book of the month, in English or Spanish, with the goal of fostering a deeper understanding of Cuban history, culture and identity.

CasaCuba, a new initiative at FIU, was created to build a leading intellectual and cultural center that will foster global understanding of Cuban affairs and culture through education, research, discussion and the arts. CasaCuba will seek to inspire a strong sense of identity and cultural pride within the Cuban community, creating a space for the experiences of Cubans from around the world.

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