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Students launch podcast for dietetics students

Students launch podcast for dietetics students

November 19, 2019 at 12:00am

As part of the class “Seminar in Dietetics and Nutrition,” students at Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work are creating a podcast by dietetics students for dietetics students. “Dietetics Next” looks to become a resource for students and gives them the opportunity to discuss topics and answer fundamental questions many encounter on the track toward becoming dietitians.

“I wanted to give my students the opportunity to be a voice for their classmates, future classmates and also students nationwide who have questions about becoming a dietitian,” said professor Catherine Coccia. “This is also an opportunity for students to learn a 21st-century skill that they can carry into their future careers to augment their work.”

The first episode was recorded by Ph.D. student and podcast host Alison Matthysse as an example of the podcast format and flow. In the episode, she interviews Coccia, who provides an overview of the dietetic internship application process.

“As a student who is in the Dietetics field, I can first handedly state the benefits of not only the content of the podcasts but of creating the episodes as well,” said Alison Matthysee, a Ph.D. student who is assisting with the podcast. “Hosting and creating the first episode with Dr. Coccia was a valuable opportunity and thoroughly enjoyable. Learning to put together a podcast was a fun process and incredibly useful. I know the senior seminar students will enjoy it. I look forward to hearing the rest of the episodes!”

With groups of students coming together to create each podcast, the class expects to complete six podcasts in the semester. Topics for the first season of the podcast will include how to write a resume/personal statement and look for job opportunities, what it is like to really be a dietetic intern, and more specific information about the various dietetic internships in South Florida. 

The goal of the podcast is for students to use the interviews to get information about career development from a more diverse pool of stakeholders while becoming more aware of how social media can be used for educational purposes.

“We are doing really great things here and one of the keys to the Dietetics and Nutrition program surrounds supporting our students to ensure they have can be successful professional,” continued Coccia. “With this podcast, we hope to not only expand that students’ knowledge but also increase national exposure to the nutrition and dietetic programs offered at Stempel College.”

Currently, the podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.