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FIU launches cybersecurity apprenticeship program

FIU launches cybersecurity apprenticeship program

September 20, 2019 at 12:00am

Florida International University has received approximately $2 million from the U.S. Department of Labor to launch the Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program (Cyber-CAP).
The program is aimed at giving learners the necessary technical skills, on-the-job training and overall preparation to obtain industry credentials. The goal of the apprenticeship is to graduate well-rounded learners with related skills and credentials they need to work in the cybersecurity industry. Learners will include university students, those with degrees in other fields and others who may not have a bachelor’s degree.
The program will leverage public and private partnerships for training opportunities.
“FIU recognizes the critical importance of research universities partnering with industry in more substantive ways – developing apprenticeships is one such model,” said Elizabeth Bejar, senior vice president for Academic and Student Affairs and Cyber-CAP principal investigator. “FIU is well-positioned to shift the higher education paradigm to meet the needs of the rapidly changing world of work.”
Created in partnership with the Society for Human Resources Management Foundation (SHRM Foundation), the Beacon Council, The Coalition of Urban Serving Universities (USU), Cylance, ForeScout Technologies, and McAfee, Cyber-CAP FIU will train 800 apprentices over a four-year period in critical cybersecurity skills.
The curriculum will be provided by FIU’s 
College of Engineering and Computing, while the Beacon Council will market the program to recruit both apprentices and local mentors. SHRM will aid in company recruitment to place students in apprenticeship programs, and Cylance, ForeScout Technologies and McAfee who will serve as consultants and provide mentorship and apprenticeship opportunities for students in the program.
Later, FIU will collaborate with USU and their member institutions to scale and replicate the model developed at FIU to other qualifying institutions.
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