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New blog offers savvy business tips to entrepreneurs

New blog offers savvy business tips to entrepreneurs

January 23, 2019 at 12:00am


Why is the least-sexy aspect of business savvy also the key to business health? How can you avoid the trap of missing key turns in the market as you’re trying to stay afloat? Where can you turn for help when you’re running a business, alone at the top?

The Florida SBDC at FIU, which has helped guide more than 2,800 entrepreneurs and small businesses in South Florida, has launched Grow Biz, a blog designed to guide business owners on overcoming real-world challenges and making their ventures grow. Experts share insight on topics including strategy, finance, team development, marketing, and operations.

“Business owners often feel they are all alone, facing problems and challenges that few understand,” said Jacqueline Sousa, regional director of the Florida SBDC at FIU. “But they aren’t alone. This blog, as well as our consulting services, will make the knowledge held by our highly experienced team widely available.”

Veteran business writer Nancy Dahlberg, who spent much of her career writing about entrepreneurs and their successes, will write much of Grow Biz’ content, which is based on interviews with SBDC at FIU consultants, FIU Business experts and local businesses. Formerly Business Monday editor at the Miami Herald, Dahlberg led the newspaper’s Starting Gate blog.

Some of the latest stories:

Grow Biz includes a section on growth stages, showcasing how priorities and leadership styles must change as a business grows. New content will be added several times per week.

While Grow Biz targets owners of existing businesses looking to grow, entrepreneurs launching startups will also find valuable information.

The Florida SBDC at FIU, which began in 2014, offers business owners and entrepreneurs no-cost, one-on-one business advisory services. Since then, it has helped launch more than 147 businesses in Miami-Dade County and assisted local entrepreneurs and small-business owners in creating or retaining 9,990 jobs; generating $1.33 billion in increased sales; acquiring $52.5 million in government contracts; and accessing $121 million in capital.

In 2018, the Florida SBDC at FIU expanded its partnership with the Florida SBDC Network and now works with small business owners in the Florida Keys. The organization also began collaborating with the Miami Downtown Development Authority to guide businesses in the Central Business District.