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Online students gain access to on-campus student services through Panther Den

Online students gain access to on-campus student services through Panther Den

September 30, 2019 at 12:00pm

Picture by Marco Verch:


From eating lunch in Graham Center and speaking with professors one-on-one to working out at the gym, FIU students enjoy the perks of a great campus environment and services. Now, those services are available to FIU on-line students.

The university launched a new online hub, Panther Den, to assist its growing online student community. Its a collaborative project to enrich students’ time at the FIU. Panther Den offers direct access to some of the most useful resources at the university in the online format. 

“We recognize that the degree of contact, communication, inclusivity needed in the online interface correlates with student success,” said Joseph Riquelme, assistant vice president for FIU Online.  

Currently launched within the Canvas dashboard, Panther Den is added as a “class” to all enrolled students’ dashboards for easy access. Just as students navigate their online courses in Canvas, students can peruse the Panther Den hub and access sub-sectioned links that offer connections to support healthy living, fitness and recreation.

Through Panther Den, students can become aware of university news with student media. Students may also find and subscribe to tutoring resources, exercise videos and podcasts. Additionally, Panther Den features information on FIU’s online success coaches, counseling and psychological services, as well as safety.

“At FIU, our students are always our number one priority,” Riquelme said. “Connecting our students, no matter where they are in the world to our unique campus experience is a great accomplishment and something we are proud of.”