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'Elements of Change' takes root at Green Library

'Elements of Change' takes root at Green Library

July 15, 2019 at 10:00am

The Gallery at Green Library’s newest exhibit challenges visitors to take an introspective look at the current state of the world and the role they play in it. Guests are invited to examine the choices they face daily and the roads available to them to effect the change they want to see.

Inspired by the Yoruba religion, “Sentinels: Elements for Change” is a collection of paintings, sculptures and installation pieces by local Cuban artist and graphic designer Alejandro “PeeWee” Morales. A dedication to the Earth and its resources, Morales infuses paint and clay with reclaimed items from across South Florida.


“I trust that these sculptural installations, paintings and drawings will touch the hearts and consciousness of humanity—and that they will inspire others to start doing something to change their destructive habits, allowing us to help heal the ground that we stand on, which supports the world we live in,” said Morales about his work.

With names like Focus, Patience and Wisdom, Morales seeks to bring to mind, not only the present state of the land, but inspire hope for the future.

An award-winning graphic designer, Morales' work has been a force in both the Latin and general markets for more than three decades. Always an artist at heart, Morales continued to paint throughout his graphic design career and has now recommitted to his artistry and opened a gallery and workshop in the Bird Road Art District.

No stranger to FIU or the Green Library, he has been featured in past art collections exhibited on campus. The Sentinels collection will mark his first solo show at the Green Library and showcase work using a new medium—clay.

The exhibit will run through August and feature an interactive section where visitors can leave words of encouragement at what is called the Prayer Tree.



Prayer Tree