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4 ways to learn this fall

4 ways to learn this fall

FIU students will be able to choose the way they want to take classes this fall.

July 1, 2020 at 12:05pm

This fall, FIU students will be able to choose the class format that suits them best.

The four ways include classes that are in-person, hybrid, remote or online. The fall schedule has been adjusted to meet physical distancing requirements in the classroom and to accommodate members of the FIU community who may be impacted by COVID-19 considerations.

Starting on July 1, students can log into to check their class schedule and see updated information on how classes are being offered. Please continue to check the class schedule, as changes may be made up until the time classes begin. 

Each of the four ways to take classes with FIU in the fall has different expectations and requirements of students. 

1. In-person classes

Perhaps the most traditional and familiar way of learning is in-person classes. Classes will take place on campus at set times with changes in classroom layout and seating to accommodate for physical distancing requirements. In-person classes may use Canvas.

2. Hybrid classes

Hybrid classes have both in-person, classroom sessions on campus and out-of-classroom learning experiences. Hybrid classes will have a set schedule for the days and times the in-person classes meet. The breakdown is about a third to two-thirds of the in-person classroom sessions, and the rest of the out-of-classroom experiences may be completed through Canvas, other online resources, or with experiential learning at off-campus sites.

3. Remote classes

Remote classes are 100 percent off campus, but classes are held virtually at a set day and time.  This is a temporary digital alternative to the classic classroom experience. Students and instructors meet virtually during the scheduled meeting days and times listed in PantherSoft. Learners should, therefore, carefully evaluate the attendance requirements for these classes. Remote classes use Canvas. There is no distance learning fee for taking a remote class.

4. Online classes

Fully online classes are taught using Canvas and are completely off campus. These classes offer students the flexibility of having a course designed to be available on-demand for those who have commitments or lifestyles that make it hard to meet at scheduled times. Learners still must complete assignments by deadlines or due dates within the fixed course timeframe. Please note that there is a distance learning fee associated with fully online classes.

As we continue to face the ever evolving impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, students are asked to check for updates regularly at, and to monitor possible changes to class schedules and the availability of courses.