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7 tips for parents giving art lessons at home

7 tips for parents giving art lessons at home

April 3, 2020 at 1:30pm

As we all transition to remote learning and working with the kids at home, some of us are now expected to be schoolteachers. One of the most important lessons to incorporate? Art.

Not only does it provide for a fun break in the day for you and your children, art activities help you better connect and engage with your children.

Frost Art’s education director Miriam Machado will be launching a series of instructional videos on the museum’s YouTube channel. Activities include slime making, leaf art, and drawing ideas for the entire family.

“It’s important for students to feel a sense of normalcy right now. An at-home art class can help achieve that and can also ease any anxiety and help kids adjust to this new normal,” Machado says.

Here are a few of her tips to keep in mind and prep for home art lessons:

1. Save those egg cartons, the clear plastic ones serve as wells for water or paint.

2. As you look around the house, if you find old highlighters that have dried out – don't throw them away! Put them into an empty clean container with water (soda plastic)

3. Leave them in for a few days and watch the ink color the water. This can be used as watercolor and stored for a long time. If you have more than one color marker, place them in different containers to create a variety of choices.

4. Old jars, baby food jars and vegetable foam trays are great for art making. Please clean and disinfect them thoroughly before using.

5. No apron? Take an old adult t-shirt and place over the child. You can adjust with a rubber band by gathering any extra slack from behind on the t-shirt.

6. Shoe boxes can become Cameras Obscuras, dioramas or special 3D scenes. 

7. Small water bottles can become musical Instruments and bird feeders.

For more information how to #MuseumAtHome with Frost Art’s #FrostTeachingTuesday, visit the Frost's website.