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Vice Provost's Council committee members feed students in Bayview Apartments over Thanksgiving

Vice Provost's Council committee members feed students in Bayview Apartments over Thanksgiving

December 2, 2020 at 11:30am

It was a table of Subway sandwiches and a spread of meal vouchers. For students who stayed in their apartments at Biscayne Bay Campus over Thanksgiving break, it was a little holiday joy.

About 50 students did not leave BBC for the break. To support these residents, members of the executive committee for the Vice Provost's Council purchased food and Panther Dining vouchers for them.

Lauren Schulman, an FIU alumna and member of the committee, provided the first meal. She stopped by Subway and picked up 70 sandwiches. Jon Warech, Hillel director for FIU, added in an assortment of chocolate treats.

"We're just trying to do nice things for our students. We know many of them had no family or friends to visit over the holiday weekend. Food insecurity is also prevalent on campus. We just need to pay attention and help out as best as we can," Schulman says.

A second meal came courtesy of Jonathan Evans, chair of the Vice Provost’s Council. He purchased 25 $10 meal vouchers to be used at Panther Dining.

"The need for food seems to be magnified by the crisis of the moment. I'm only too glad to help," Evans says.

The university has a food pantry available with non-perishable items for students in need. But Schulman and Evans wanted to do a little something extra.

"It's heartwarming to me. This is what the Vice Provost's Council is all about. To give back to students," says Annick De Bruyne, program coordinator in the Office of the Vice Provost. "I thought it was a wonderful idea from Lauren and Jonathan to do something special for Thanksgiving.

The Vice Provost’s Council is a community relations board in north Miami-Dade County. It is comprised of a diverse group of business and civic leaders who act as brand ambassadors and advocates for FIU, in general, and BBC, specifically. The group has raised more than $1.5 million in scholarships since its inception in 2015.