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Coronavirus: Don't think it won't affect you because you are young
Daniel Aloise, MD Candidate, Class of 2023

Coronavirus: Don't think it won't affect you because you are young

FIU medical student hopes poetry can help raise awareness about coronavirus among the younger generation

March 27, 2020 at 4:45pm

Daniel Aloise is 23. He fears young people are not taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously, and he is hoping to reach them through poetry.

"Many people my age feel they are immune. I constantly see them congregating to party at each other’s homes, pools, the beaches,” says Aloise, a first-year medical student at the FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. “They are not seeing the big picture, and they are putting themselves and others at risk.”

Disheartened and concerned about the careless attitude among many in the younger generation, Aloise looked for ways to spread awareness and inspire change—"to call upon people to think empathetically and act selflessly for everyone’s sake.”

He felt that preaching social isolation and other manners of prevention to friends and family was not enough. His love of poetry gave him the idea of turning his call to action into a poem he titled, An Uncertain Time.

“Our generation is saturated with infinite information on the web, with countless articles preaching the same things over and over. Sometimes it takes a different perspective to make things really click with a person, which I sincerely hope may be the case for some who read this poem.”

An Uncertain Time

In a nation and world often consumed by our own individual climb,
Together we are experiencing an unprecedented evil, regularly being labeled “an uncertain time.”
This evil has left many anxious, in fear of what may unfold,
COVID-19 rendering millions to find safety in the confines of their respective household.
To those who have not been directly affected, it is understandable to want to live free,
As it is easy to turn a blind eye, especially when fighting an enemy, that we simply cannot see.
We watch the news, paying mind to what these “experts” may suggest,
However, it is important to remember: there are no do-overs in life, to which millions can attest.
It is surreal in modern times for our lives to be paused by a single microbe,
But if we do not do our part, this virus will continue to impact billions across the globe.
If only the cure were simple as each of us taking a single pill,
Nevertheless, it is times like these that really test the human will.
Each of us has a job to do, some large and others seemingly small,
Yet if we truly band together, these small jobs may ultimately save us all.
People the world over must put aside their differences and be smart,
As dire times like these can bring people together, or invariably drive them apart.
I implore you to think selflessly and with far sight,
Just as I hope that people come together, young and old, left and right.
Staying home and washing your hands should not seem to cause such a fuss,
As I beg you to think about the doctors and nurses putting their lives on the line for us.
Some disobey for the sake of a few harmless nights and some fun,
But the unfortunate reality is it may take just one, before the damage is done.
Some wish to work to put food on the table for their kids and their husbands or wives,
But what good is our livelihood, if it costs us our lives?
If we do not take these next few weeks seriously, and fully abide,
That trip you take with your friends or family, may be someone’s last ride.
While many may feel immune, this disease affects both young and old,
As it may not cost you your life, but your life may never be the same – if you do not do as you are told.
While this warning may seem dark or overstated,
It may only seem this way… until someone you love is forced to be intubated.
The price you pay daily may seem to be overblown or a bother,
But this price is utterly insignificant, to the cost of losing a father.
Changing your way of life is a difficult thing to do and far easier to say,
But thinking of lost loved ones, people often say they’d give anything to be together… for just one more day. Continue to enjoy this time together with your family, and pray it goes by fast,
But remember it is important to be cautious today, so tomorrow is not your last.
Each day that goes by, hospitals worldwide are continuing to overflow with new admissions,
Infinite families’ futures put in the hands, of simply not enough physicians.
Whether sacrificing your livelihood or some spring break fun, things could be worse,
So, I ask you to please do your part, for the sake of each doctor and every nurse.
They are acting as true heroes, so the least we can do is our part;
Meanwhile, we should each cherish this time together and open up our heart.
Because if we truly come together in this uncertain time and make this social distancing systemic,
We can do more than flatten the curve… we can beat this pandemic.