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Library collecting coronavirus research by FIU faculty and students

Library collecting coronavirus research by FIU faculty and students

Researchers are asked to contribute their scholarship to the FIU COVID-19 collection

October 6, 2020 at 12:00am

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, FIU faculty and students have been involved in research and scholarship to help better understand and manage the virus, while also looking at its impact on our local, national and global communities.

FIU Libraries serve an important role in collecting and preserving such impactful institutional scholarship through Digital Commons, the university’s research repository.

In this tradition, Digital Commons staff have gathered published papers by FIU faculty, researchers and students related to COVID-19 to provide a centralized collection of scholarship across all colleges, schools and departments and created the Coronavirus Research at FIU Collection.

The initiative is lead by FIU GIS Center and Digital Commons Systems Administrator Jill Krefft. “The Coronavirus Research Collection is a way that we can promote and preserve the important work of FIU faculty, researchers and students during this global pandemic. We hope to continue collecting these materials as they become available.”

Researchers are encouraged to submit papers, presentations, lectures and other related output to this quickly growing collection as they become available.

Among the published work currently held in the collection are titles such as 

Digital Commons can support both textual materials (pdfs, PowerPoints slides, etc) as well as audio and visual materials (recorded lectures or presentations). In addition, researchers can submit finalized datasets, those that typically have gone through the peer review process and have been published, in a variety of formats to FIU’s Research Data Portal for open access and reuse.

Through broader access and dissemination of our institutional scholarship related to COVID-19, Digital Commons is committed to providing simple, equitable access to necessary information during the global pandemic and beyond. The hope is that both current and future investigators can rely on the collected materials to enhance their knowledge and own work.

For more information on the collection or how to submit research, contact Jill Krefft at