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GIS experts help visualize threat of sea level rise

GIS experts help visualize threat of sea level rise

The work of the FIU Libraries’ GIS Center is featured in a new Tech Insider video.

January 23, 2020 at 3:30pm

Take a moment. Close your eyes and visualize your future. You may have thought about some of the common things like your home, marriage or kids.

Now, take another moment. Close your eyes, visualize that same future and then put it under water.

If you plan to live in Miami in the future, the second scenario isn’t just an exercise, but an often ignored reality. Sea levels are rising and Miami is ground zero, a hard fact to imagine and even harder to stomach. We have the data, but for most, numbers alone don’t form a complete story.

In the Tech Insider video above, “How Artists and Scientists are Tackling Miami’s Rising Sea Levels,” researchers Jennifer Fu and Levente Juhasz from FIU Libraries’ GIS Center join artists and scientists to discuss the creative ways they are crafting a more visual, compelling and often-times grim story of sea level rise in Miami.