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Honors College podcast brings students and alumni together in the era of social distancing

Honors College podcast brings students and alumni together in the era of social distancing

April 20, 2020 at 12:45pm

By Emily Rivero

In a time where networking and social connection seems impossible for students, the Honors College has launched More Than a Major, a podcast series featuring stories from current and past Honors students and the community.

The podcast aims to create a new space that can shine a light on individuals and projects as well as hold conversations that are important to the FIU community in a casual setting 

The initiative was started byFIU Honors’cCoordinator of student programs Enrique Rosell, whose duties consists of planning opportunities for students to get the most out of their experience at the Honors College.

When I started working at Honors in August,” Rosell says,I thought starting a podcast would be a great chance to connect students with other students directly and in a less academic setting.  

Rosell adds that a big part of the Honors College’s initiative is to help all students find their passions and become “more than their majors.” By discussing projects and hobbies, he hopes to create a place where he can break down barriers and create connections. And with students and staff learning and working remotely, he saw this as a perfect opportunity to put his idea into motion.  

After identifying a diverse group of students, alumni and community members to interview for the launch of the series, Rosell used Zoom to record the conversations that now make up the episodes of More Than a Major.  

The podcast highlights incredible stories that are happening right now in the FIU community. The first six episodes that are out now feature interviews with clubs and organizations like PUSH (Panthers Unite in Support of Health) and the FIU Healthy Living Program, as well as advice from successful alumni like entrepreneur Joel Gandara.

Listeners can also tune in to hear from students and alumni on how to stay creative and focused during the COVID-19 pandemic, and hear from students about studies, life, and college.  

Students, alumni and community members can request to be on the podcast or nominate someone they think would be a great fit.  

More Than a Major is currently available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Play.