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It’s time to keep it REAL this Christmas!

It’s time to keep it REAL this Christmas!

December 18, 2020 at 5:11pm

Still haven’t decided on a real tree or a plastic tree as the holidays quickly approach us?

FIU Biological Sciences Assistant Professor Oscar Valverde-Barrantes makes the case for following the lead of so many others in 2020 and going natural.

“By purchasing a natural tree instead of an artificial tree, we are eliminating our carbon footprint,” Valverde-Barrantes said. “I believe even if you don’t recycle natural trees in the proper way, the trees still decompose and decay.”

Still on the fence? Maybe these reasons will help you go green in 2020 and other holiday seasons to come:

  1. IT’S REAL — There’s nothing like that sweet scent that fills your home. Just don’t call it a pine tree. For the most part, all Christmas trees are sold as a Balsam Firs, a coniferous tree that’s part of the pine family. But in Florida, you are more than likely bringing home a Red spruce

  2. SUPPORTING LOCALS — Not only are you supporting farmers here in the U.S. but by buying a natural tree, you are helping provide jobs and financial support to local sellers. Christmas tree farms also help to keep green areas profitable, avoiding land-use change.

  3. IT’S A FERTILIZER AND MULCH SOURCE — When it is time to say goodbye to your tree, don’t just throw it out. Once the tree has dried, shake off the needles and sprinkle them on your lawn for fertilizer. Miami-Dade County also invites residents to turn their trees to mulch through its Christmas Tree Recycling Program

While 2020 has certainly thrown everyone for a loop, there’s still time to end the year by making a positive difference on our environment while ushering in the holidays and a much different 2021.