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Panthers Protecting Panthers: University launches faculty and staff leave donation program

Panthers Protecting Panthers: University launches faculty and staff leave donation program

The COVID-19 Leave Program is the university’s latest COVID-19 relief effort to aid faculty and staff.

June 1, 2020 at 12:00pm

Constraints from COVID-19 have placed some Panthers and their families at risk of significant hardship.

For some, they may be unable to work; for others, they may be out of leave hours, which can be essential during this time. Understanding this, the university has launched an employee initiative to encourage Panthers to protect each other in these trying times.

The COVID-19 Leave Program allows faculty and staff to donate up to 104 hours of sick leave to help other employees continue to receive paychecks and much-needed health benefits. This initiative is a part of the COVID-19 Emergency Policy. 

“Consistent with the spirit of our ‘Panthers Protecting Panthers’ theme that was coined in this COVID-19 environment, the leave donation program provides an opportunity for everyone to participate at the level they are most comfortable with,” says El pagnier Hudson, vice president of human resources. “This program will assist other Panthers who may have depleted their leave balances.”

Employees are encouraged to consider this opportunity to assist fellow colleagues in a tangible way at a time they may need it most.

“Today might be an amazing day for me, but tomorrow I can be depleted. It’s a matter of being able to reciprocate, giving whatever you can give,” Hudson adds. 

Here's how it works:

  • The "open donation period" will be held between now and June 9.
  • Donors may contribute sick leave up to a maximum of 104 hours, provided the donor maintains a balance of 80 hours of sick leave.
  • Please note that donations cannot be directed to a specific employee, they will be for collective use.
  • Donations may be made through your Employee Home Page in PantherSoft HR using the "My Forms" tile.
  • Look for information on requesting leave under the program after June 9.

Employees can visit this website for more information on donating. 

In closing, Hudson says: “This program was born out of the repopulation plan. We want faculty and staff to come back [to campus] knowing that we have done everything possible to create a safe space for them to work.” 

For questions or to request additional information about the new program, contact the Division of Human Resources at 305-348-2181 or visit the COVID-19 HR Information website.