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Postdoc program paves the way for up-and-coming researchers

Postdoc program paves the way for up-and-coming researchers

December 21, 2020 at 10:41am

The Distinguished Postdoctoral Program in FIU’s College of Arts, Sciences & Education is paving the way for up-and-coming researchers to launch impactful academic careers.

The globally competitive program supports promising early-career postdoctoral scholars working and conducting research across any of the disciplines in the college from the natural and social sciences to education and the humanities.

“We wanted to create an opportunity for early career scholars where they can be mentored by our amazing faculty while developing their own research programs,” said Dean Mike Heithaus. “By having a wide-open call that is not tied to a specific project or discipline, this ensures we get a diverse pool of applicants and truly get the best of the best. They will have the opportunity to make an impact in their fields and launch their careers.”

Getting a post-doctoral appointment often relies on who you know, which can sometimes be a barrier for researchers from underrepresented groups. This Distinguished Postdoctoral Program provides opportunities for talented post docs to take that next step in their careers, which also helps fulfill part of the college’s commitment to increasing diversity, equity and inclusion, Heithaus said.

This year, the 2020-21 Distinguished Postdoctoral Scholars include:

  • Erin Abernethy wants to ensure that conversations about race and gender are a part of freshwater conservation and resource management decisions and will be working with the Florida Water Management District.
  • Diego Cardeñosa will continue his groundbreaking work using DNA analysis to track and trace the global shark fin trade.
  • Popular Pandey is exploring how to use nanopipettes to perform surgical operations on single cells, in order to find more cost-effective ways to study diseases and find effective treatments.

A total of 10 postdoctoral scholars have been recognized by the program since its launch in 2018. Past scholars have gone on to tenure-track positions at FIU, as well as other top universities and have taken research positions elsewhere, such as NASA.

For more information about the program, please click here.

JoAnn Adkins contributed to this story.