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How to report potential, confirmed COVID-19 cases

How to report potential, confirmed COVID-19 cases

The following memo was sent to the university community today from Javier I. Marques, vice president for Operations and Safety and chief of staff.

April 1, 2020 at 4:00pm

To streamline the process for reporting potential/confirmed COVID-19 cases among students, faculty and staff and ensure ONLY essential staff designated to address potential and/or confirmed COVID-19 are informed, the below process is effective immediately.  

If you, as faculty or staff, have a confirmed case or become aware of a potential and/or confirmed case, please email: 

Janik Collin, Assistant Director
Benefits Administration

If you become aware of a student potential and/or confirmed case, please email:

Sofia Trelles
Student Ombuds


Ms. Collin’s and Ms. Trelles’ role during this pandemic is to connect with the impacted individual, gather essential intake information and relay what is relevant to the appropriate emergency management leads. 

Although we are experiencing a pandemic, federal and state privacy laws still govern the disclosure of personal/health information. PLEASE DO NOT send emails to listservs, departmental staff or anyone else. You should be relaying this information only to one of the individuals listed above.

If you have already emailed such information to your supervisor or to Amy Aiken, assistant vice president of the Division of Operations and Safety and director of Emergency Management, there is no need to resend.