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The People's Platform: addressing topics that concern the black community

The People's Platform: addressing topics that concern the black community

June 23, 2020 at 1:55pm

The Black Student Union (BSU) hosted its first installment of the People's Platform, an ongoing forum to discuss topics that concern the black community at FIU in a safe space to voice opinions.

“This is a platform for our students to have direct contact with our faculty, staff and administrators—and for administrators to have direct contact with students,” said Artrice Shepherd, BSU president and platform host. “Hopefully, we can address some of the concerns and issues that we have, specifically with the Black community at FIU.”

The virtual event’s guest panelists featured President Mark B. Rosenberg, Captain Delish Moss from FIU Police, and Chiani Murray, president of the Black Law Student Association.

The discussion covered everything from the university’s plans to address racial inequality, to FIU’s police department’s initiatives currently in place, and even how students can be part of the process bringing new policies.

Rosenberg reminded attendees that discussions such as those taking place during the People’s Platform is an excellent start, but it’s also just the beginning.

“Constant pressure. These days, that’s what it takes to get stuff done. No matter who you are or where you are, it takes constant pressure. And so, just having a 3-month conversation about not going to be sufficient to make, if you will, half breaking changes that we know we’re capable of and that we want,” Rosenberg said.

As part of FIU’s commitment to root out any semblance of racism, bigotry and implicit bias, the university has created the Equity Action Initiative, which will be led by university leaders tasked to review and recommend initiatives that will enhance equality, dignity, inclusion and belonging, particularly as they relate to the university community.  

The People’s Platform will take place every month and bring together various guests from different departments within FIU, faculty, staff, administrators, students, outside organizations and internal organizations. To learn more about this initiative and other Black Student Union programs, click here.