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Update on travel restrictions for FIU faculty, staff, visitors

Update on travel restrictions for FIU faculty, staff, visitors

April 7, 2020 at 10:00am

Provost and Executive Vice President Kenneth G. Furton shared a message with all university faculty and staff on April 7.

We understand that global engagement is a critical part of your success and that these are challenging times professionally and personally. However, these extreme measures are necessary to keep everyone in our university community safe and healthy.

Our Emergency Operations Center and University Policy Group continue to actively monitor the COVID-19 virus pandemic and is taking into consideration information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), U.S. Department of StateWorld Health Organization (WHO) as well as our own experts. 

Given the evolving health and safety concerns, travel restrictions for FIU faculty and staff as well as visitors to FIU are extended as follows:

All upcoming domestic and international university travel by FIU faculty and staff is suspended until July 1, 2020. Only travel that is associated with scientific contributions towards reducing the COVID-19 pandemic may be granted an exception by submitting a petition via email to for evaluation by the International Travel Committee (ITC). The ITC will evaluate the risks associated with a particular domestic or international trip and make a recommendation for my consideration.

Please note that members of our faculty and staff traveling without institutional authorization are taking personal travel and thus need to utilize leave as appropriate. Personal travel means that the faculty or staff member will travel at his/her own risk and will accept full responsibility and liability. FIU will not be responsible for any consequences or liability as a result of such personal travel.

We are asking that you not make any new commitments for university business travel (travel bookings for airfare, hotel etc.) until further notice.

Previously approved Travel Authorization Requests (TARs) for domestic or international trips need to be properly closed to assure that we maintain accurate travel records. Please view the Office of the Controller’s Travel and Expense Update in regard to any travel adjustments due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

International Scholar and Delegation Visits

The suspension for international scholar and delegation visits to FIU is also extended until July 1, 2020. Please notify your respective visiting international scholar or delegation liaison of this institutional restriction. Please remain in contact with your departmental HR Liaison about the cancellation/postponement of visiting scholar visits.

Should conditions improve significantly during this restrictive period, we will re-evaluate and possibly adjust these suspensions. Please stay abreast of the latest by visiting the FIU coronavirus webpage regularly.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.