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Volakis, Almirall named 2020 AAAS fellows

Volakis, Almirall named 2020 AAAS fellows

December 2, 2020 at 11:41am

Two FIU researchers have been named fellows by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

John L. Volakis, dean of FIU’s College of Engineering and Computing and professor of electrical and computer engineering, earned the lifetime distinction for his leadership in engineering education, authorship of important texts, game-changing contributions to electromagnetics, and for developing and transitioning hybrid finite element into commercial tool sets.  

José R. Almirall, a chemistry professor in the College of Arts, Sciences & Education and director of the Center for Advanced Research in Forensic Science, was recognized for his contributions to the field of forensic chemistry, particularly for efforts to standardize approaches in the detection and analysis of drugs, explosives and materials.

headshots1.jpg   Volakis and Almirall have been named AAAS Fellows.

AAAS Fellows are elected each year by their peers serving on the Council of AAAS, the organization’s member-run governing body. The title recognizes important contributions to STEM disciplines, including pioneering research, leadership within a given field, teaching and mentoring, fostering collaborations, and advancing public understanding of science.

A virtual induction ceremony for the 489 newly elected Fellows will take place on Feb. 13, 2021. 

To read AAAS’s news release regarding this announcement, click here.