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FIU partners with Ageless Chic Magazine to mentor students

FIU partners with Ageless Chic Magazine to mentor students

May 21, 2021 at 10:36am

FIU’s College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts (CARTA) recently partnered with Ageless Chic Magazine – a fashion magazine geared toward empowering the 60 plus community – to mentor journalism and communication students through the magazine's first internship program. 

During the spring semester, Ageless Chics founder and editor-in-chief Jenny Patrizia took 14 undergraduate, graduate and even post-graduate CARTA students under her wing to teach them all about the media industry.

For some students, this was their first glimpse into the field of publishing, journalism and public relations.   

“This internship has been an amazing experience and such a great opportunity,” says CARTA student and current Ageless Chic intern Angela Lazo. “My favorite part has been Jenny’s openness to having us take on any role. If we’re curious to try something, the job is ours. I’ve gotten the chance to go through the process of trial and error to see where I best fit in the communications world.” 

FIU’s Ageless Chic interns worked in all areas of the magazine, gaining first-hand experience in reporting, fact-checking and copy-editing for print and online publications. The interns also get the opportunity to interview celebrities or key figures in the community, attend press conferences and work the red carpet for community events – but for the most part, they are deep in the trenches working in the “un-glam but essential work of the magazine,” Patrizia says.    

For many students, working on the backend of Ageless Chic also gave them a deeper appreciation for the art.  

“My favorite part of this internship experience is the rekindled passion it has given me for print media,” said Ageless Chic intern Juan Socarraz.  

Patrizia developed the internship program after CARTA leadership reached out to her to discuss the work she is doing empowering the 60-plus community. Her son is an FIU Honors College student, and she felt collaborating with FIU was the perfect match to also empower students just getting started in the media industry.  

As part of Ageless Chic Magazine’s internship program, Patrizia is adamant about providing mentorship and networking opportunities to help the interns find their niche within the field.  

During their weekly meetings, Patrizia often invites guest speakers, business owners and political figures from South Florida – like Emmy Award-winning CBS anchor Elliot Rodriguez – so her students can begin networking with “key influential leaders” now.  

“All of my interns take a very active role in the magazine, but I tell them all the time, it is all about networking,” Patrizia says. “Whenever I see a match between someone in my network and my intern, I introduce them because I want them to grow and make that valuable connection. For example, one of my interns wants to be an entertainment lawyer, so I’m having her interview one of the top entertainment lawyers in South Florida for the magazine.”

Patrizia says one of her main goals with this internship program is to have her students use the magazine to enhance what they are passionate about and perfect their trade.

“There are many different paths to your destiny, and ideally, we want the path that is straightforward with no bumps or potholes – but that does not exist,” she adds. “Some paths are going to be longer, some are going to be rockier, some may have huge mountains we need to climb, and some will be all of the above. The point is, if you are persistent enough, you are going to end up in the same destination.  

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