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My internship at UPS Public Affairs working on international policy

My internship at UPS Public Affairs working on international policy

July 23, 2021 at 2:41pm

Name: Emelie Jimenez 

Hometown: Miami-Dade 

What is your major? Political science. Global Learning Medallion, FIU in DC and Honors College student.  

Where are you interning? UPS Public Affairs 

What is your title? International policy intern  

How did you get your internship? Through my previous position as an administrative and programs/ communications intern at The Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute, I was encouraged to apply for the Martha Flores Scholarship. This scholarship was created by Jose Acosta, former president of UPS Public Affairs Americas Region, to honor his late mother Martha Flores, former Cuban radio host known as ‘La Reina de la Noche.’’ After two rounds of interviews, I was awarded the first recipient of the scholarship and was offered a summer internship with the UPS Public Affairs Office in Washington, D.C.  

What are you doing there? My current position consists of writing reports that track the political and economic traction occurring in Latin America as well as analyzing small and medium-sized business (SMBs) growth. In addition, I have conducted a series of comparisons between SMBs in developing and developed countries to track where improvements in shipping and exports can be made.  

What projects did you work on? Besides working on a series of LATAM reports for the UPS Public Affairs International team, I have also worked extensively on the UPS Women’s Exporter Program. This program is designed to offer women-owned SMB’s the opportunity to access global markets and tools used to improve consumer and business relations as well as exports progress.  

How does your internship connect back to your coursework? Throughout my academic career, I've developed a passion for policy writing and analytical research, a skill that I have been able to focus and improve on throughout my time here. In addition, my past knowledge of Latin American policy has allowed me to jump right into the current projects because I was already familiar with the material.   

What is the coolest thing about your internship? The most exciting part of my internship was being able to work independently on projects assigned to me. Being able to be trusted and relied on for the completion of my projects made this experience even more fruitful because I actually felt my work was meaningful and useful for my future career.  

What have you enjoyed most about your experience?  The friendships and connections I have made. Most of the interns share a house together, so we immediately developed a tight bond that allowed us to lean on each other for support.  

What have you learned about yourself? This experience has made me realize my ability to work under pressure and multitask. In addition, throughout my time here I have noticed that I can easily adapt to new environments and pick up new skills depending on the situation. 

What advice do you have for those beginning the internship process? Be patient, resilient and put in extra time toward developing a comprehensive resume and cover letter as well as researching a position you want. You can never be over-prepared.  

How has the position increased your professional confidence? I now understand the importance that effective communication holds in the workplace. A lot of information gets lost in translation, so following back and asking questions is the only way to ensure success.  

How has the internship expanded your professional network? Throughout this experience, I have connected with several other interns in both the private and public sectors. The connections will serve me well in both my social and professional career, especially when obtaining advice on a certain topic I’m unfamiliar with and looking for a job opening that a friend might have a connection to.