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My internship at Moss Construction working on FIU's Parkview Housing Phase II
Ysabella Guggino

My internship at Moss Construction working on FIU's Parkview Housing Phase II

August 24, 2021 at 2:45pm

Name: Ysabella Guggino

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Degree/major: Construction management

How did you get your internship with Moss Construction?

From Professor Faria! He sent out an email in late 2020, and I applied and got interviewed! FIU always sends out fantastic opportunities!

What was your greatest fear going into your internship with Moss and how did you face it or overcome it?

Going into a project that was already in the middle of being built was scary, I had to learn the project from the beginning. By constantly asking questions, the project managers and superintendents on the job really helped me understand what has been built and what’s left to go.

What surprised you the most about your internship?

Taking the things that I’ve learned in the classes over the past years and applying them to real-world situations. The knowledge that came out of the degree helped me so much during my internship.

What advice do you have for those beginning the internship search process?

Take advantage of those "FIU opportunity" emails! FIU really wants to help you with different types of internships and jobs—both while in school and post-graduation. I’ll forever thank FIU for helping me get an internship with such a great company.

What does a day at Moss Construction look like?

I get to the project site around 7:45 to 8 a.m. and work on anything that was left on my desk after I left the day before. Once I finish that, I usually work on the meeting notes that need to go out to the owners and architects. After that’s been sent out, I go ask the project managers or project engineers if they need any help with any work that may be pending. When the workday is done, I typically leave the project site around 5 p.m.

How does your work connect back to your coursework?

Being done with most construction management classes, you see a parallel to what you’ve learned in class as to what you see on the field. I would say each class you’ll take as a construction management major will reflect on what you do once you finish the degree.

How has your transition been from school to work? How do you balance your time?

For the first half of my internship with Moss, I managed to take six classes while working full time. It was hard yet rewarding. I did stay up late on some nights, but it was worth it! I was able to come into work and learn on-field things and come home to learn what’s necessary for me to graduate.

What was the coolest thing about your internship with Moss?

I think the coolest thing about my internship is connecting with people who took the same path as I did. With so much in common with my coworkers, it was fun going to work! There were never days I wanted to not go in. I enjoyed every single day with every person that I worked with at the FIU Parkview project.

What is your favorite memory of your time in the Moss Department of Construction Management?

I think my most favorite memory of my time in the Moss Department of Construction Management is making the friends that I did! I came to Miami not knowing one single person, and now leaving, I have forever friends. Since the department is not big, you have the same people in classes when you start to finish, and I loved that! I’ll forever be thankful to the department for helping me make friends that last a lifetime!

Do you have a favorite construction management professor, mentor or class that really impacted your life?

This is super hard…but I have two favorite professors! Professor Ramsey and Professor Faria are my favorites! I think that they both share similar qualities. All in all, they just want to see you achieve the best that you can do! Professors like this I’ll remember for a lifetime.

What now? Where are you working? Title?

I am now working at Barr & Barr as a project engineer.