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Sophomore sets record time at 32nd Walk on Water
Kangaroo Jack: Winner Jack Pearce took pride in representing his home country of Australia with his marsupial-themed shoes.

Sophomore sets record time at 32nd Walk on Water

November 4, 2021 at 3:40pm

In an FIU tradition dating back to 1989, hundreds gathered around the lake behind the Green Library for an ultimate show of athleticism, perseverance and design.

Students in the Top 20 nationally-ranked Department of Architecture raced across the water — wearing floatable shoes that they designed for optimal movement and fashion — to compete for grades, honor and a $1,000 cash prize. The competition serves as a fun opportunity for students to learn about materials and methods of construction.

Jack Pearce, a sophomore architecture major, was the champion of the day. He stepped and splashed his way to the finish line in 51 seconds, a record time in the contest's 32 years.

"It's crazy, I did not expect to do that. But I probably practiced 60 times. I was out there every day," Pearce said.

A student from Palm Beach State also joined in on this year's contest.

Check out our full photo album from the event, as captured by Margi Rentis. 

Walk on Water 2021