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FIU experts available to discuss the Supreme Court's possible Roe v. Wade decision and similar topics

FIU experts available to discuss the Supreme Court's possible Roe v. Wade decision and similar topics

June 24, 2022 at 10:02am

FIU experts are available to discuss various aspects of the Supreme Court’s recent leak and pending decision that could overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision that guarantees access to abortions.  

 A full list of FIU experts can be found below.


Howard M. Wasserman
Law Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development
Wasserman teaches civil procedure, evidence, federal courts, civil rights, and First Amendment; he writes about freedom of speech, the role of procedure and jurisdiction in public-law and civil-rights litigation. He blogs at PrawfsBlawg, is the Section Editor for the Courts Law Section of JOTWELL and is a Contributor at SCOTUSBlog.
Phone: 305-348-7482

Melba Pearson 
Director of Policy & Programs, Center of the Administration of Justice

​Senior Fellow/Faculty, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs  
Pearson is an attorney specializing in civil rights and criminal law, with an emphasis on policy. Pearson was Deputy Director of the ACLU of Florida and a former homicide prosecutor. Her topics include criminal law, prosecution, domestic violence, policing, trials, gender, marginalized communities, and race.

Psychology and Women’s Rights

Asia Eaton
Associate Professor of Psychology
College of Arts, Sciences & Education
Eaton is a feminist social psychologist and associate professor of psychology at FIU where she directs the Power, Women, and Relationships Lab. She can discuss how abortion and reproductive justice is related to other issues, such as class/poverty, immigration, violence, psychological health, as well as how abortion restrictions can perpetuate inequalities. Since 2016, Eaton has also served as Head of Research for Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI), which is working to understand and end the emerging epidemic of nonconsensual porn in the U.S.

Dionne P. Stephens
Associate Professor of Psychology
College of Arts, Sciences & Education
Stephens research examines cultural factors shaping health inequities and she conducts work around reproductive justice. She is available to discuss this issue as it relates to health inequities, women of color and socio-historical implications. With the ultimate goal of reducing health disparities, Stephens’ work both validates and centers the experiences of the populations she studies through the use of a non-deficit lens. Stephens has examined issues such as cultures’ influence on perceptions of sexually transmitted infections' transmission, gender-based violence (e.g. verbal coercion, intimate partner violence), and sexual health across popular culture contexts (e.g. Hip Hop, social media).
Phone: 305-790-0387

Grisel d’Elena
Adjunct Professor, Religious Studies and Faculty Fellow, Honors College
Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs  
d’Elena teaches a course on Church and State and The Evolution of the Femme: From the Salem Witch Trials to Madame Vice President that looks specifically at the intersection of women, religion and politics. She has performed extensive fieldwork abroad interviewing U.N. officials, refugees, terrorist leaders, refugee coalition members and ethnic minorities. She is also an advisor to the board of directors for UN Women in Miami.
Phone: 305-965-1867


Dr. Frank Anderson
Professor and Chair, Department of Humanities, Health, and Society
Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine
Anderson is a board-certified OB/GYN with 34 years of experience and a specialist in global health. Throughout his decades-long practice, he has witnessed and reviewed multiple cases of maternal mortality from abortion. Anderson’s career has focused on the causes and prevention of maternal mortality in the U.S. and developing countries. Anderson is a graduate of the University of Tennessee College of Medicine and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
Phone: 734-904-1852

Dr. Rebeca Martinez
Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Education, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine 
Martinez is a board-certified OB/GYN practicing in the Miami area for over 30 years. In 2012, Martinez received a degree in medical Bioethics from Creighton University and became a certified health clinical ethics consultant. In these two roles, Martinez has lectured on consequences of SCOTUS decisions on women's health care.
Office: 305-348-2362 



Allan Rosenbaum
Distinguished University Professor and Director, Institute for Public Management and Community Service
Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs 
Rosenbaum is an internationally known expert on governance reform, decentralization, legislative development, local government and democratic institution-building. He can speak to a variety of topics related to American government, including Congress and the broader political context and consequences of Supreme Court actions.
Phone: 305-975-4789