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FIU Law trial team achieves national ranking
Professor H. Scott Fingerhut; Dean Antony Page; student Christopher C. Chillingworth; student Forrest J. Wilson; student Victoria Thacker; student Alexander A. Pollock; coach Chandler Lefevere JD '21; coach Justin J. Duran JD '18; and Adjunct Professor Ari S. Goldberg JD '12

FIU Law trial team achieves national ranking

October 19, 2022 at 2:27pm

For the first time, the FIU Law Trial Team is nationally ranked.

On the strength of its state and national regional championships last spring, FIU Law is now ranked among the nation’s Top 20 law school trial teams, tied for 19th.

Students on the trial team learn how to prepare a case for trial. They review legal documents, witness statements and physical evidence. In competition they argue motions, deliver opening statements, conduct direct and cross examinations and deliver closing arguments. Second-year, third-year and evening law students are selected based on their performance at a rigorous tryout.  

The Trial Competition Performance Rankings are based on competition data compiled by the University of Georgia School of Law at and maintained by the Fordham University School of Law Brendan Moore Trial Advocacy Center.

“This has been a long time coming,” said Professor H. Scott Fingerhut, who serves as assistant director of the Trial Advocacy Program.  Professor H.T. Smith is the program’s founding director.

“H.T. and I could not be prouder of our students, passionate, principled advocates all, for this remarkable achievement,” Fingerhut said. “Mock trial at the law school level, the southeast region in particular, is extraordinarily competitive, and breaking into the national Top 20 is a surefire indication that we are doing something right.

“From the Dean’s unwavering confidence in our abilities, to our magnificently-skilled alumni coaching staff, to our tireless and creative administrative and audio-visual crew, we support one another as family.  Like they say, ‘it takes a village,’ and this village now stands among the country’s very best.  It’s all a reflection of our special FIU advocacy brand, as together we continue to cultivate the next generation of great trial lawyers.”