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FIU takes a lead in building environmental resilience
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FIU takes a lead in building environmental resilience

Researchers are helping Earth bounce back in the face of unrelenting climate change.

March 1, 2022 at 9:00am

FIU’s commitment to environmental resilience has roots in the understanding that nature and the built world are integrally intertwined. The loss of species, rising seas that flood urban areas and droughts that jeopardize food crops have a common denominator in changes taking place around the planet.

Florida International University's College of Arts, Sciences & Education is working with the community to restore and maintain the Everglades.

At FIU, projects to ensure sustainability involve experts in multiple fields collaborating across disciplines. Millions of dollars in funded research for work related to coral reef and shark protection around the world, Florida Everglades restoration and Biscayne Bay recovery have pushed FIU’s earth and environmental sciences researchers to among the most highly published on the subject (No. 1 in the U.S. among universities less than 50 years old, No. 23 in that category globally, per Nature Index rankings).

With a recognition of deep interconnectedness across a host of growing problems and potential solutions, FIU scientists and students are taking a hopeful approach by putting their knowledge and ingenuity to the test in the interest of us all.

Research for a sustainable planet

$400M in research awards for environmental resilience in the past 10 years

3,000+ students enrolled in programs related to environmental resilience

200+ faculty members engaged in environmental resilience research and teaching

200+ local, state, national and international collaborations around the environment

No. 11 in the world for impact on Life Below Water by Times Higher Education Impact Rankings

No. 28 in the world for impact on Life on Land by Times Higher Education Impact Rankings

No. 37 among public universities for Environment & Ecology by U.S. News & World Report subject rankings