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FIU hosts Argentine President Javier Milei
Welcoming Argentine President Javier Milei, at center right, to campus are, from left, Director of the Jack Gordon Institute for Public Policy Brian Fonseca, Director of Academic Programs in the Kimberly Green Latin American & Caribbean Center Gabriela Hoberman and Director of the Adam Smith Center for the Study of Economic Freedom Carlos Diaz-Rosillo.

FIU hosts Argentine President Javier Milei

April 18, 2024 at 2:20pm

On April 11, 2024, FIU's Biscayne Bay Campus welcomed Argentine President Javier Milei in front of an audience of more than 200 guests. Milei, the 13th President in Argentina since the restoration of democracy in 1983, is a self-proclaimed 'black swan' among leaders, having cultivated a complex and controversial public image.

Since his triumph over Sergio Massa, a former minister of economy, in a runoff election, Milei has been a notable figure, known for his robust exchanges with media and other Argentine political figures.  

A former university professor and author, Milei delivered a lecture on economic theory during his visit. Drawing on the work of economists Milton Friedman, John Maynard Keynes, Vilfredo Pareto and Adam Smith, Milei offered an analysis of past Argentine administrations while sharing his perspectives on capitalism, socialism, and freedoms in Latin America. Arguing that the shortcomings of past administrations helped pave the way for his election, he also acknowledged the uniqueness of his political and economic stance among the context of Latin American leadership. Concluding his address with a resounding declaration of “¡Viva la libertad!” Milei left a lasting impression on the audience.  

Reflecting on the event, Hipolito Calero, a criminal justice major and National Security Studies Certificate student, expressed that “Only at FIU do you get the chance to hear perspectives from a Latin American President. President Milei’s lecture on economics was informative and broadened my understanding of various theories.” 

Marian Balseiro, an internationalr elations student agreed. "It's rare to interact with a sitting head of state, especially one as well-known as Milei.” 

Hosted by the Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy at the Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs and the Adam Smith Center for Economic Freedom, the event exemplifies FIU’s commitment to collaborative engagement with global communities and broadening students’ perspectives.  

Over the years, FIU has hosted several Presidents from Latin America and the Caribbean, including Argentina’s Carlos Menem, Bolivia’s Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada and Jorge Quiroga, Chile’s Michelle Bachelet, Costa Rica’s Luis Guillermo Solis, Colombia’s Alvaro Uribe and Dominican Republic’s Leonel Fernandez as well as U.S. Presidents George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump.