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Nature offers most cost-effective solution for climate change

Nature offers most cost-effective solution for climate change

U.S. wetlands, forests and agricultural lands could absorb traffic emissions Restoring seagrass meadows, mangrove forests and salt marshes could play […]

FBI forensics hits Hollywood speed, researcher says

FBI forensics hits Hollywood speed, researcher says

If you believe everything you see on TV, forensic scientists can wrap up a case in an hour. That doesn’t […]

Adding sand to beaches is a short-term way of fighting erosion. New research suggests that nourishing beaches may become too expensive in the long run.

Hurricanes remind us sand is not a renewable resource

As beachside communities begin rebuilding in the wake of two catastrophic hurricane impacts on the United States, they should ask […]

Hurricane Michael approaches Florida's Panhandle. Photo Courtesy: NOAA

What hurricanes mean for red tide

Hurricane Michael is likely to affect the Florida red tide bloom. What’s not yet clear is how. Michael was a […]

Panel explores effects of red tide on Florida

Panel explores effects of red tide on Florida

Red tide continues to be a source of concern for Florida, according to FIU experts. The harmful algal bloom that […]

Naples, USA - April 29, 2018: Florida pink, red and orange sunset in gulf of Mexico with sign for red tide dead fish algae bloom warning

FIU expert panel to discuss Florida red tide

The confirmation of a red tide in the waters off Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties – a rare occurrence on […]

Could cognitive interview unlock memories in Kavanaugh debate?

Could cognitive interview unlock memories in Kavanaugh debate?

The creator of the cognitive interview believes his technique could yield new information into allegations made against United States Supreme […]

Human Face, Human Hand, Palm of Hand, Self-Defense, Women

Memories of sexual abuse, trauma remain accurate into adulthood

Adults can accurately recall traumatic events from childhood, including instances of sexual abuse, a new article shows. This has prompted […]

Flooding was among the major impacts when Hurricane Harvey struck Texas in 2017.

Flooding, storm surge as destructive as a hurricane’s winds

  When hurricanes and powerful storms threaten land, people typically focus on wind speed. That could be a mistake. Damage […]

Miami - September 12, 2017: Workers clean up Ocean Drive, the historic Art Deco seafront street in South Beach, after the city was damaged in Hurricane Irma.

Tools being developed to improve response times in disasters

A research team led by FIU is trying to remove the chaos from responses when natural disasters strike. The team, […]

Our researchers can’t work without their…

Our researchers can’t work without their…

Researchers go into the field sometimes with just a backpack, other times with suitcases full of gear. Some tools can […]

A neutron star, the ultra dense core of a massive star that collapses and undergoes a supernova explosion, is found at its center. Credits: Credits: X-ray (NASA/CXC/ESO/F.Vogt et al); Optical (ESO/VLT/MUSE & NASA/STScI)

What tiny particles mean for big stars

An international team of physicists has made a discovery that fills in the gaps of our understanding of some of […]

J. Aaron Hogan

Let slow-growth forests recover before logging once more

Loggers need to control their appetite for slow-growing trees to spare the Amazon rainforest from deforestation. A new study by […]

Ph.D. student Haydee Borrero studying orchids in Everglades National Park.

A fly in Cuba could be a canary in a coal mine for climate change

FIU researchers have for the first time found fly larvae that feast on the rare Mule Ear Orchid in Cuba, […]

Deeper reefs won't offer much hope for shallow reef species. Photo Courtesy of California Academy of Sciences.

No relief for reefs – even in the ‘twilight zone’

Deep coral reefs provide shallow hope for near-surface reefs in need of recovery, new findings suggest. A team of researchers […]