Articles by: Chrystian Tejedor

Flooding was among the major impacts when Hurricane Harvey struck Texas in 2017.

Flooding, storm surge as destructive as a hurricane’s winds

  When hurricanes and powerful storms threaten land, people typically focus on wind speed. That could be a mistake. Damage […]

Miami - September 12, 2017: Workers clean up Ocean Drive, the historic Art Deco seafront street in South Beach, after the city was damaged in Hurricane Irma.

Tools being developed to improve response times in disasters

A research team led by FIU is trying to remove the chaos from responses when natural disasters strike. The team, […]

Our researchers can’t work without their…

Our researchers can’t work without their…

Researchers go into the field sometimes with just a backpack, other times with suitcases full of gear. Some tools can […]

A neutron star, the ultra dense core of a massive star that collapses and undergoes a supernova explosion, is found at its center. Credits: Credits: X-ray (NASA/CXC/ESO/F.Vogt et al); Optical (ESO/VLT/MUSE & NASA/STScI)

What tiny particles mean for big stars

An international team of physicists has made a discovery that fills in the gaps of our understanding of some of […]

J. Aaron Hogan

Let slow-growth forests recover before logging once more

Loggers need to control their appetite for slow-growing trees to spare the Amazon rainforest from deforestation. A new study by […]

Ph.D. student Haydee Borrero studying orchids in Everglades National Park.

A fly in Cuba could be a canary in a coal mine for climate change

FIU researchers have for the first time found fly larvae that feast on the rare Mule Ear Orchid in Cuba, […]

Deeper reefs won't offer much hope for shallow reef species. Photo Courtesy of California Academy of Sciences.

No relief for reefs – even in the ‘twilight zone’

Deep coral reefs provide shallow hope for near-surface reefs in need of recovery, new findings suggest. A team of researchers […]

Yannis Papastamatiou will appear on National Geographic's 700 Sharks. Photo by Laurent Ballesta.

700 sharks, 6 divers, 1 feeding frenzy

Yannis Papastamatiou’s night dive with sharks is about to go on display before the world when 700 Sharks premiers at […]

Graduate students who are taught to teach are more likely to be prepared for the realities of working in higher education without losing their touch in research, according to a new study.

The case for teaching how to teach

Graduate students who are taught how to teach are more likely to be prepared for the realities of working in […]

Cruise ships docked at PortMiami.

Can video games boost cruise bookings?

For travel companies with anemic cruise bookings, video games might be the cure, according to a new study. Travel agents […]

Stream in a tropical forest.

What happens to streams when the earth gets warmer?

If the Earth warms up by 1 degree Celsius, freshwater streams could feel the effects. Streams play a key role […]

A researcher swims near a whale shark off the coast of Nosy Be island near Madagascar. Courtesy Simon J. Pierce.

To save whale sharks, first we track their young

An international team of researchers have for the first time uncovered the migration routes for whale sharks around Madagascar. Surprisingly, […]

This eclogite xenolith was among the 500 pound donation FIU geologist Stephen Haggerty donated to the Smithsonian Institution. Photo Courtesy Smithsonian Institution

When the Smithsonian wants your rocks, you don’t say No

The Smithsonian Institution wanted Stephen Haggerty’s rock collection. “Who in their right mind would say no?” was the FIU geologist’s […]

Florida's mangroves move inland to keep up with salt water intrusion caused by sea level rise.

South Florida mangroves are on a death march, marking a new era for Earth

Mangroves running for their lives may have just hit the end of the road. The problem is so clear, it […]

Nuclear waste might be a thing of the past if this graduate can help it

Nuclear waste might be a thing of the past if this graduate can help it

A recent chemistry graduate might help FIU researchers unlock the secrets to make nuclear waste safer. Matthew Fortunato ’17 starts […]