Articles by: Chrystian Tejedor

Cruise ships docked at PortMiami.

Can video games boost cruise bookings?

For travel companies with anemic cruise bookings, video games might be the cure, according to a new study. Travel agents […]

Stream in a tropical forest.

What happens to streams when the earth gets warmer?

If the Earth warms up by 1 degree Celsius, freshwater streams could feel the effects. Streams play a key role […]

A researcher swims near a whale shark off the coast of Nosy Be island near Madagascar. Courtesy Simon J. Pierce.

To save whale sharks, first we track their young

An international team of researchers have for the first time uncovered the migration routes for whale sharks around Madagascar. Surprisingly, […]

This eclogite xenolith was among the 500 pound donation FIU geologist Stephen Haggerty donated to the Smithsonian Institution. Photo Courtesy Smithsonian Institution

When the Smithsonian wants your rocks, you don’t say No

The Smithsonian Institution wanted Stephen Haggerty’s rock collection. “Who in their right mind would say no?” was the FIU geologist’s […]

Florida's mangroves move inland to keep up with salt water intrusion caused by sea level rise.

South Florida mangroves are on a death march, marking a new era for Earth

Mangroves running for their lives may have just hit the end of the road. The problem is so clear, it […]

Nuclear waste might be a thing of the past if this graduate can help it

Nuclear waste might be a thing of the past if this graduate can help it

A recent chemistry graduate might help FIU researchers unlock the secrets to make nuclear waste safer. Matthew Fortunato ’17 starts […]

A roaming bull shark. Courtesy: Hendrik Sauvignet.

Why has this tiny island seen a sharp rise in shark bites?

 A small island has become a hotbed for shark bites, and people may be partly to blame. According to […]

New Pew fellow in marine conservation joins FIU

New Pew fellow in marine conservation joins FIU

FIU Pew Marine Fellow Wuying Lin plans to advance conservation policies to disrupt the illicit trade of marine wildlife in […]

FIU biochemistry Ph.D. student Haixiang Yu, chemistry Ph.D. student Juan Canoura, and recent graduate Obtin Alkhamis published a study on FIU’s patented cocaine detection technologies.

Researchers patent quick tests for cocaine

FIU students and their professor have patented a series of new tests that can quickly, accurately and cost-effectively confirm the […]

Coastal geologist Randall Parkinson

Are wetlands at risk as seas rise? Long-term data is key

Are wetlands keeping pace with sea level rise? Some researchers believe they are not, creating concern for coastal areas that […]

Kevin Castillo

FIUteach student ready to fill a void

Kevin Castillo wants to teach where he’s needed most. He wants to teach science in high school. He wants to […]

Radiochemistry Ph.D. student Ingrid Lehman-Andino is investigating how to make nuclear energy reusable and less toxic.

Doctoral student wants to make nuclear energy renewable

  The United States has a pretty big problem on its hands – an 80,000-metric-ton radioactive problem. It will take more […]

How 3 women are changing the face of STEM

How 3 women are changing the face of STEM

Nov. 8 is national STEM day, something Zahra Hazari knows a lot about. She is trying to recruit at least 10,000 […]

Superbugs have a new foe

Superbugs have a new foe

BSI researchers search DNA for ways to battle bacteria resistant to antibiotics The National Institutes of Health awarded FIU researchers nearly […]

One-third of all shark species in fin trade are endangered

One-third of all shark species in fin trade are endangered

Nearly one-third of the shark species in the global fin trade are at risk of extinction, according to a new […]