Articles by: Chrystian Tejedor

Debaro Huyler, Wei Ding and Adly Norelus, doctoral students in the College of Education, delivered a presentation at the South Florida Education Research Conference on how companies must adapt to millennials entering the workforce.

Student work featured at South Florida Education Research Conference

Students and scholars shared the stage recently at the 14th Annual South Florida Educational Research Conference (SFERC) exchanging ideas and […]

Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet visited the Modesto A. Maidique Campus in the fall of 2014  to announce a partnership with FIU to establish the Peace Corps Prep Program.

FIU keeps top 10 Peace Corps ranking

FIU preserved its top 10 national ranking among Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) who contribute volunteers to the Peace Corps, the agency […]

Abbeygale Chen-See and Semira Sanchez, the two winners of Global Learning's inaugural Transformation Contest pose for a photo with the U.S. Capitol in the background.

Transformation contest winners travel to D.C.

Consider it mission accomplished – a contest that was intended to show students how diplomacy, foreign service and international development […]

Erskine Dottin, College of Education Dean Delia C. Garcia, and Leonard Bliss pose for a photo at a ceremony honoring the four retiring professors from the College of Education. Bliss, Dottin, and professors Linda Blanton and Joan Wynne are stepping calling it a career.

Four College of Education faculty members call it a career

The thousands of graduates who walked across the stage at FIU Arena this week won’t be the only ones leaving […]

Students Lorraine Apolis, Francesca Bocarossi, Raquel Decaso, Ashleigh Douglas and Carla Santamaria pictured at the inaugural Global Learning Medallion ceremony.

Five students earn first Global Learning Medallions

Five women made history at commencement this semester – they were the first in the university’s history to graduate with […]

Almost 200 students listened to Michael Slackman, international managing editor of The New York Times, describe why foreign correspondents put their lives at risk to affect change.

Why foreign correspondents risk it all

Being a foreign correspondent can be fraught with danger, but sometimes the opportunity to shed light on government wrongs or […]

NYT’s Michael Slackman bears witness

NYT’s Michael Slackman bears witness

Some foreign correspondents seek assignments covering the news from glamorous cities such as Paris or Rome. Others seek to tell […]

Teachers learn new lessons to develop high-performing students

Teachers learn new lessons to develop high-performing students

At least one goal will be top of mind for the more than 400 educators, administrators and scholars descending on […]

Peace Corps participation jumps by 45 percent

Peace Corps participation jumps by 45 percent

The Peace Corps recently recognized FIU for having the biggest increase in Peace Corps volunteers among Florida’s large universities. The […]

Has free speech changed since the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ attack?

Has free speech changed since the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ attack?

“Charlie Hebdo,” a French satirical newspaper, was used to making headlines for its provocative cartoons – especially those featuring the […]

Patricia Gándara, a professor of graduate education and co-director of the UCLA Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Civil shares the results of her research on how balanced bilinguals are more successful.

Proficient bilinguals see higher earnings, research shows

In a globalized, digitized world, new research shows the key to employability and higher earnings hinges on something South Florida […]

Alumni visit College of Education for Panther Alumni Week

Teaching isn’t always easy, but ask the alumni who visited the College of Education during Panther Alumni Week and they […]

FIYou: Tonette S. Rocco

FIYou: Tonette S. Rocco

Name: Tonette S. Rocco Hometown: Columbus, OH Job Title/Department: Professor of Adult Education and Human Resource Development, College of Education Campus: MMC In […]

Panther LIFE Director Diana M. Valle-Riestra and College of Education Dean Delia C. Garcia address the Florida Senate Higher Education Committee in support of Panther LIFE and postsecondary transition programs.

Leaders pitch state Senate for continued transition program support

Florida should continue its support of transition programs that help students with intellectual disabilities attend college and become more independent, […]

Campus tour sparks English-learning students’ dreams of higher ed

Campus tour sparks English-learning students’ dreams of higher ed

On a cool South Florida winter morning almost 30 Miami-Dade high school students wandered through FIU’s Modesto A. Maidique Campus […]