Articles by: Evelyn S. Gonzalez

FIU researchers, including Rene Price, led talks on the environmental challenges to Biscayne Bay.

South Florida comes together to help save Biscayne Bay

A 63-inch sewer line broke June 20, sending waste into Miami-Dade County’s Biscayne Canal and Intracoastal Waterway. Although the “no […]

FIU biology student Valeria Paz helps conduct research on coral reef restoration.

Marine scientists and astronauts join forces to create world’s deepest coral nursery

Nestled in the Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary, 10 tree-like structures made of PVC pipes rise up from the ocean floor. […]

Philosophy gender gap not tied to hiring

Philosophy gender gap not tied to hiring

Women are under-represented in philosophy careers, but it has nothing to do with finding jobs at colleges or universities, according […]

Biologist Ross Boucek (pictured) and a team of FIU researchers found common snook in deeper waters of the Florida Everglades survived the 2010 cold spell that brought temperatures down to the 30s.

Snook survive cold spell in deeper waters of Everglades

Restoring freshwater flow to the Florida Everglades could help snook, one of the state’s prized gaming fish, survive extreme climate […]

Florida sets the standard for water efficiency in the south

Florida sets the standard for water efficiency in the south

Florida leads the south in water efficiency, according to a study examining water use across the United States. While states […]

Green pigeon pea. Photo by

FIU geneticist wants to arm farmers with improved pigeon pea plants

Researchers have identified key genes associated with flowering time in the pigeon pea, a finding that could lead to more […]

Paolo Benigni is part of the research team at FIU's Center for Aquatic Chemistry and Environment that has developed a new tool to assess oil spill damage.

Scientists develop new tool to assess oil spills

Scientists are getting an entirely new perspective of what happens to oil in a spill, thanks to a tool developed […]

Why frogs need saving

Why frogs need saving

On April 29, the world’s frogs are celebrated on Save The Frogs Day. But throughout the year, FIU researchers go […]

FIU researcher Rolando Santos examines baited remote underwater video to study fish in newly opened Joe Bay.

Scientists study portion of Everglades closed to people for decades

After nearly 40 years of being closed off to the public, visitors to Everglades National Park can now explore Joe […]

Natural oyster bed as seen at low tide in the Lynhaven Inlet off the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia Beach, Va.

Oysters hold secrets to Chesapeake Bay’s past

People began to negatively impact the water quality of the Chesapeake Bay earlier than previously thought, a new study finds. […]

Students in FIU's field excursion course visit Camex, a building materials company, in the Florida Keys to observe a limestone blast.

Spring breakers rocked by Florida Keys

This spring break, undergraduates in FIU’s field excursion course got their hands dirty developing their geology skills in the Florida Keys. The […]

Free screening of ‘Moonlight’

Free screening of ‘Moonlight’

Academy Award-winning film Moonlight explores a Miami most never see. On Tuesday, April 4, the film will come to FIU. […]

What climate change means for leaf litter

What climate change means for leaf litter

The carbon dioxide coming from some of Earth’s tiniest residents may not be increasing as quickly as some believed in […]

Gavin Schmidt, chief of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, recently spoke at FIU.

NASA researcher communicates the climate story

  For Andrea Nodal, a freshman majoring in marine sciences, meeting a NASA climate scientist was the perfect opportunity to […]

An Atala butterfly, once thought extinct in Florida, has found a new home in the gardens of FIU’s Biscayne Bay Campus.

How to build your own butterfly garden

Butterflies are nature’s little helpers. They pollinate flowers and keep pests in check. But chemicals, climate change, habitat loss and […]