FIU Magazine Spring 2016


A legacy not yet written  button_play
FIU researchers believe sea level rise is a problem that can be solved.

Picking the brain button_play
FIU takes an interdisciplinary approach to neuroscience research.

Big data, big opportunities
Business students with the skills to identify trends help medical organizations improve patient outcomes.

Journey to the top of the world button_play
Explore a landmark, FIU-led expedition into the Arctic to map the ocean’s geochemistry on this special, interactive website.


Family medicine button_play
Three dynamic sisters all chose to pursue their medical degrees at FIU’s Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine.

Empowering Haiti one ‘sole’ at a time
An alumna’s effort in Haiti helps artisans become self-sufficient and rebuild their lives.

A life changed in Haiti
Earthquake survivor Jolina Auguste is the embodiment of an alumna’s efforts to provide meaningful impact.

Improving grades, graduation rates
Student learning assistants help their peers achieve in the classroom.

Five questions for the vice president button_play
Vice President Saif Ishoof champions FIU’s engagement in the community.


Listen to musical recordings of a bygone era button_play
The Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation has awarded FIU Libraries a grant to digitize some of the oldest and rarest recordings in the Diaz-Ayala Cuban and Latin American Popular Music Collection.

2016 Torch Awards Gala 
Sixteen alumni and faculty were honored for their impact and dedication to the university at the 15th anniversary of the event.

Climate change solutions
FIU researchers take a look at possible ways to protect South Florida from rising seas.

Redesigning a coastal park in the face of rising seas
Students in the Sea Level Solutions Center Interdisciplinary Studio course reimagine the historic Virginia Key Beach Park in an attempt to adapt to rising seas.

Brain research: A collaborative effort at FIU button_play
This interactive post features seven promising brain research initiatives taking place at the university.

Editor’s blog

Do what makes you come alive 
FIU Magazine’s new editor, Karen Cochrane, discusses this magazine issue.


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