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Evelyn Gaiser is a wetland ecologist examining long-term changes in lakes and wetlands, including the Everglades.

Ecologist joins state algae task force

Evelyn Gaiser has been named to Florida’s new blue-green algae task force by Gov. Ron DeSantis. The ecologist is among […]

Shark Bay, Australia

Heatwave devastates wildlife populations in World Heritage Site

Large numbers of dugongs, sea snakes and other marine animals disappeared from the UNESCO World Heritage Site Shark Bay, Western […]

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FIU marine sciences professor Heather Bracken-Grissom

Crabs, lobsters and shrimp now have a family tree dating 500 million years

Researchers have for the first time traced the roots of crabs, lobsters and shrimp to create the family tree of […]

FIU celebrates outstanding students at annual award ceremony

FIU celebrates outstanding students at annual award ceremony

Published researchers, disability advocates and passionate leaders are all among FIU’s best and brightest. The Division of Academic & Student […]

Researchers tested the effects of elevated salinity and increased phosphorus on sawgrasses to see how marshes would respond to future sea level rise.

Sea level rise could make plants bigger. Then it may kill them.

Larger plants may be the first sign sea levels are rising in the Everglades, according to an FIU study. Beneath […]

This frog is dying of a heart attack because of chytrid fungus in its environment in the high Andes.

World’s frogs under assault by lone pathogenic killer, scientists say

A single fungal disease has wiped out at least 90 species of amphibians and had devastating effects on hundreds more, […]

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Aedes aegypti can spread  the Zika virus

Scientists discover how mosquitoes zero in on our sweat

Finding creates roadmap for repellent design, population control Just like fresh-baked cookies or sizzling bacon is to us, the scent […]

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Our researchers can’t work without…

Our researchers can’t work without…

Researchers go into the field sometimes with just a backpack, other times with suitcases full of gear. Some tools can […]

Meet Eugenia walkerae, a newly named plant species from Anguilla

Meet Eugenia walkerae, a newly named plant species from Anguilla

Once relegated to the dustbin of history, a Caribbean plant now has a name and a family. Eugenia walkerae, lifelong […]

Aligator trails in the Everglades swamp

Algae give clues into Everglades restoration success

Eric Massa wants to know if Everglades restoration is working. The FIU student is turning to periphyton – spongy, soggy […]

Valentine’s Day? No big deal

Valentine’s Day? No big deal

Sometimes the build up to Valentine’s Day is bigger than the actual day itself. While Hallmark and florists make the […]

Small trees make big impact in climate change fight

Small trees make big impact in climate change fight

When it comes to trees storing carbon, don’t underestimate the little guys, according to new study. Trees absorb carbon dioxide […]

Kellee Diaz, a current senior biology major, learned to stay positive hiking around Juneau.

FIU students study worlds away — in the U.S.

Kellee Diaz traded the Miami heat for the Alaskan tundra, and it completely changed her outlook on life. Diaz, a […]

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FIU biologist Kelsey Reider adopted her dog, Karina, in the high Andes Mountains in Peru.

3 years, a 2-burner stove and 1 dog: How this biologist found her best friend in the Andes

Kelsey Reider went into the high Andes Mountains looking for frogs. She came back down with a dog. Reider’s research […]

USA, Florida, Silent water of lake in everglades nature landscape with reflecting palm trees

From oceans to the Everglades and in between: Institute watches over our water

By Eric Barton Todd Crowl can remember a time a few years ago when it wasn’t so easy to qualify […]