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As seas rise, South Floridians will get thirsty before they get wet

As seas rise, South Floridians will get thirsty before they get wet

As part of an op-ed series, FIU News shares the expertise and diverse perspectives of members of the university community. In […]

Everglades National Park

Researcher is thirsty for sustainable Everglades

Small-scale droughts can have big effects on the Florida Everglades. Ph.D. student Anteneh Abiy is digging deep into these abnormally […]

FIU environmental studies student Chloe Vorseth is conducting research to inform Everglades restoration policy and implementation.

Engaging residents for faster Everglades restoration

Chloe Vorseth wants to speed up Everglades restoration. Vorseth, an FIU environmental studies student, is examining what people know about […]

People are willing to pay more to protect Everglades when they know these two things

People are willing to pay more to protect Everglades when they know these two things

People are willing to pay up to $18 annually for the next 10 years to avoid restrictions on how and […]

Heat Legend Alonzo Mourning and FIU alumna Erika Ashley Somoza help restore the Everglades at the 2018 Heat Glades Sweep.

FIU teams up with Miami Heat, Miccosukee tribe for environmental activities

More than 65 volunteers from FIU, the Miami Heat and the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida came together Jan. […]

Cody Eggenberger

Is Everglades restoration good for fish?

Florida’s economy depends on healthy fish, but little is known about how Everglades restoration efforts affect some of the state’s […]

Researchers offer clues into Everglades restoration future

Restoring the Florida Everglades will improve the availability of clean freshwater and the quality of habitat for wildlife while offsetting […]

Jennifer Richards

Humanities major turned botanist rises to top of her field

Every time FIU botanist Jennifer Richards looks at a plant she sees something new that amazes her. Nearly 40 years […]

Keith Ellenbogen; Madagascar; Madagascar RAP 2010; horizontal; marine; underwater, Vohemar Bay, Seagrass (Syringodium isoetifolium) with epiphytes

Biodiversity negates carbon storage in seagrasses, new study finds

Scientists are zeroing in on the seagrass meadows that could help slow down climate change. Seagrass meadows are great absorbers […]

Biologist Ross Boucek (pictured) and a team of FIU researchers found common snook in deeper waters of the Florida Everglades survived the 2010 cold spell that brought temperatures down to the 30s.

Snook survive cold spell in deeper waters of Everglades

Restoring freshwater flow to the Florida Everglades could help snook, one of the state’s prized gaming fish, survive extreme climate […]

FIU researcher Rolando Santos examines baited remote underwater video to study fish in newly opened Joe Bay.

Scientists study portion of Everglades closed to people for decades

After nearly 40 years of being closed off to the public, visitors to Everglades National Park can now explore Joe […]

Introducing the Everglades to Sweetwater Elementary students

Introducing the Everglades to Sweetwater Elementary students

By Yanina Onyewenjo This winter, a group of students from the Honors College Everglades class embarked on an adventure –not […]

Evelyn Gaiser (center) conducts research on how water, climate and people impact the Everglades as part of the Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research Program.

Long-term research proves effective in global conservation

Researchers are taking a step back to answer the question whether long-term studies are helping save plants, animals and the […]

Miami Heat shooting guard Rodney McGruder (left) and FIU's Nick Ogle (right) plant environmentally appropriate and culturally important plants in the Everglades as part of Heat Glades Sweep.

FIU joins Miami Heat, Miccosukee tribe to protect the Everglades

The tropical hardwood hammock habitats in the Florida Everglades are under threat by invasive plants and animals, chemicals and toxins, fires […]

Viviana Mazzei

Algae give freshwater clues in the face of sea level rise

Sea level rise is a monumental threat, but one FIU biologist is tracking levels using one of the Florida Everglades’ […]