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Closeup of one dead fish washed ashore during red tide algae bloom toxic in Naples beach in Florida Gulf of Mexico during sunset on sand

6 things to know about Florida red tide

Gov. Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency due to Florida red tide in seven counties, including Charlotte, Collier, […]

Naples, USA - April 29, 2018: Florida pink, red and orange sunset in gulf of Mexico with sign for red tide dead fish algae bloom warning

Florida red tide experts list

Florida red tide blooms have crept up along the state’s west coast leaving discolored, smelly water and dead wildlife in […]

The Meg: a 5-second movie review from FIU shark expert

The Meg: a 5-second movie review from FIU shark expert

If you’re wondering whether The Meg is worth the price of admission, FIU shark expert and dean of the College […]

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Fins from threatened shark species seized by border control in Hong Kong.

Threatened sharks still common in fin trade, new study finds

Despite international protection, threatened species of sharks continue to be found in the Hong Kong fin trade. A collaborative team […]

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FIU Marine Scientist Mark Bond (left) goes free diving in a shark feeding frenzy for Discovery Channel's Shark Week.

Guy Fieri takes dive with FIU researcher for Shark Week

Celebrity restauranteur explores favorite menu items for sharks Mark Bond’s free dive with Guy Fieri and a dozen sharks will […]

Deeper reefs won't offer much hope for shallow reef species. Photo Courtesy of California Academy of Sciences.

No relief for reefs – even in the ‘twilight zone’

Deep coral reefs provide shallow hope for near-surface reefs in need of recovery, new findings suggest. A team of researchers […]

Yannis Papastamatiou will appear on National Geographic's 700 Sharks. Photo by Laurent Ballesta.

700 sharks, 6 divers, 1 feeding frenzy

Yannis Papastamatiou’s night dive with sharks is about to go on display before the world when 700 Sharks premiers at […]

4 students to embark on Arctic mission through Northwest Passage

4 students to embark on Arctic mission through Northwest Passage

Four FIU students will embark on a three-week expedition through the Arctic Ocean’s Northwest Passage later this summer. The students […]

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FIU 2018 hurricane experts

FIU 2018 hurricane experts

The 2018 hurricane season officially begins today. FIU experts are available to discuss various issues surrounding hurricanes and their aftermath. […]

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3 Silver Knights are FIU-bound

3 Silver Knights are FIU-bound

Three of Miami’s highest-achieving students, honored recently at the Silver Knight Awards, are joining FIU’s class of 2022. The Miami […]

FIU Emeritus Professor Walter Goldberg and his wife, Rosalie's gift has led to the establishment of a professorship of tropical ecology in the College of Arts, Sciences & Education.

Florida couple establishes professorship for tropical ecology

A professorship of tropical ecology has been established in the College of Arts, Sciences & Education at FIU thanks to […]

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A researcher swims near a whale shark off the coast of Nosy Be island near Madagascar. Courtesy Simon J. Pierce.

To save whale sharks, first we track their young

An international team of researchers have for the first time uncovered the migration routes for whale sharks around Madagascar. Surprisingly, […]

FIU students conducted research aboard the Research Vessel W.T. Hogarth. Photo by Heather Bracken-Grissom.

Students embark on research trip at sea

Budding scientists got their feet wet conducting research at sea. Undergraduates in FIU’s Biodiversity and Oceanography at Sea course deployed oceanographic […]

Deering Estate

My internship at the Deering Estate

Name: Katherine Saldarriaga Hometown: Miami, FL Major: Marine sciences and international relations Where did you intern? What did you do there? […]

Missing sharks found through DNA in water samples

Missing sharks found through DNA in water samples

As sharks disappear from key locations, scientists are using environmental DNA to find a small number that may actually be […]

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