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This eclogite xenolith was among the 500 pound donation FIU geologist Stephen Haggerty donated to the Smithsonian Institution. Photo Courtesy Smithsonian Institution

When the Smithsonian wants your rocks, you don’t say No

The Smithsonian Institution wanted Stephen Haggerty’s rock collection. “Who in their right mind would say no?” was the FIU geologist’s […]

Stephen Haggerty poses with Pendanus candelabrum, which is typically 2-2.5 m tall.  Haggerty discovered P. Candelabrum rising out of the ground above diamond-bearing kimberlite pipes in Liberia, making these plants the first and only known botanical indicator for these diamond areas.

Unusual plant points to diamonds beneath the ground

A rare discovery by an FIU geologist could radically change diamond prospecting worldwide. Researcher Stephen Haggerty recently embarked on a […]